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Jackson County, MN

This page contains a list of cemeteries located in Jackson County Minnesota. This list is organized by Township. (alphabetical list) Coordinates indicate where according to the township plat the cemetery is/was located (once you have the coordinates, you can look at the maps page to find this cemetery).

For many of the cemeteries, the Jackson County Historical Society has records available at the museum in Lakefield. Please contact them for more information. Status key:

  • "Indexed" = they have an alphabetical listing
  • "Records copied" = they have copied what records they were given or found
  • "Walked" = cemetery has been walked and information from the gravestones copied down
  • "Published" = information on this cemetery has been published in the periodical listed

The list of cemeteries below also contains some links to an individual page for that cemetery. I am collecting and assembling individual cemetery pages as I acquire or take headstone photos. If you have any headstone photos please feel free to email me them so I may include them, or start a new cemetery page if there is not one.

Photo/image filename conventions:....renaming your files. If you have several image/photo files to send me, it is appreciated if your photo files are named in respect to the the content of the photo. An example is, let's say you have a headstone photo of John Doe, a filename for the photo would typically be something like doe_john_headstone.jpg (etc). If your file is "DSC1001.jpg" or "IMG3227.jpg" or "headstone.jpg", or several photos named "headstone a", headstone b", (etc), then it becomes more difficult to properly sort through the files because it would require actually looking at the photo to determine who or what the photo is of. Properly named files also make it MUCH more easier to sort or search. If I want to search my hard drive for headstone photos, or headstone photos of surname DOE, the process becomes so much easier when the filenames actually have some description or meaning AND match my search criteria. Do not be discouraged if you are not comfortable or have time to do this. I still invite your photos. Additionally, there is a good article on this page which provides additional filename information which details other reasons why your files should be named a specific way...including no_spaces_between_words in your filename, etc. Check it out.

Some Jackson Co cemetery records are listed here on Coleen Mielke's genealogy website. Click on Misc Minnesota Cemeteries. Coleen, a resident of Alaska, also has extensive listings for neighboring counties as well as others in Minnesota, and other states as well. If you find any useful information, or are just generally as impressed by her dedication as I am, let Coleen know. She has obviously put a lot of time into her online listings. Thanks, Coleen!

Paul Hanson, who was born in Jackson and has a number of family tree members connected to Jackson county, has a number of cemetery and headstone photos listed here on here on his Flickr photo website. Some surnames in Pauls' family tree are Groshens, Guritz, Rosenbrook, Lucht, Foshage, Walters, Eggimann, Gazda, Kalmbrum, Williams, Theis, Temlitz, Watland, Jacobsen, Olsen, Hansen.

Check out Valerie Lafrenz and Jen Johnsons' website The Grave Site.net. Val, Jen and other family members have visited a number of cemeteries around the midwest, with a particular interest in the small family, farm or forgotten/neglected cemeteries that exist.

Another website with connections to Jackson County can be found on Jesse Clarke's website.

Visit the online Vietnam Veterans Memorial virtual wall for Jackson County natives from Jackson and Okabena.

The cemetery is a very humbling place. Unfortunately we will all ultimately end up in one. Please respect the cemetery when you visit, and let us not forgot our loved ones who are there. Those interred for their final rest have a story which goes with them. Let us remember them and preserve their history and stories for future generations. If it were not for our ancestors, we would not be here.

Cemetery Name
Coordinates (N/W/Section/Direction)
Status of records available at the
Jackson County Historical Society

Belmont Township

East Belmont or Slaabakken Cemetery 103/35/22/SWNE indexed, map copied and cemetery walked. Sec 22.
Hauges (North Belmont) Cemetery 103/35/01/NWNW indexed and records copied
West Belmont Lutheran Cemetery 103/35/20/SESE indexed and records copied

Christiania Township

Bethany Lutheran Cemetery 104/35/35/NENW indexed and records copied
Christiana Norwegian Cemetery 104/35/28/SWNW Published article: "Christiana Norwegian Cemetery," by Gary Richter and Arthur L Finnell in Prairieland Register 4:2 (spr 1980), p 48.

Jacobson Cemetery

. indexed and walked

Delafield Township
Delafield Township Cemetery 104/36/15/SESE indexed and book available for sale
Information was also published "Delafield Township Cemetery," by Mrs J V Herbert in Minnesota Genealogist 15:2-4 (6-12/1984), p 75-80, 137-141, 218-220.
Ringsaker Cemetery . indexed and walked
St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery 104/36/32/SWSW indexed and records copied
Wilder Cemetery 104/36/07/E2SW indexed and walked
Information was also published: "Wilder Cemetery," by Dean M Pettis in Prairieland Register 5:1 (win 1981), p 9.

Des Moines Township
Good Shepherd Catholic Cemetery 102/35/25/NWSW indexed and records copied
Riverside Cemetery 102/35/25/SWNW+NWSW indexed and records copied
Sunset Memorial Cemetery 102/35/26/NESE indexed and records copied

Ewington Township
Ewington Township Cemetery . no records or indexing available yet
Grace Lutheran Cemetery 102/38/22/NWSW indexed and copied

Heron Lake Township
Brill Family Cemetery 103/36/06/SESE no records or indexing available yet
Catholic Memorial Gardens 103/36/32/C indexed and copied
Heron Lake City Cemetery A-M
Heron Lake City Cemetery N-Z
Heron Lake Cemetery (Malchow Cemetery) 103/36/08/SWSW partial listing from a family history
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 103/36/32/C partial listing - lot owners only
Lakefield Cemetery . indexed and copied
Memorial Gardens Cemetery . indexed and copied
St Joseph Catholic Cemetery . partial listing

Kimball Township
Bohemian Cemetery Bohemian (Slovak) Cemetery . partial listing
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery . indexed and book available for sale

Middletown Township
Loon Lake Baptist Cemetery 101/35/30/NWSW partial listing

Minneota Township
Holy Trinity Cemetery 101/36/17/NENW indexed and copied
St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery 101/36/17/NWNE indexed and copied
Information was also published: "Church of St. John the Baptist Cemetery - Catholic," by Gary Richter and Arthur L Finnell in Prairieland Register 7:1 (spr 1983), p 22-23.

Petersburg Township
Petersburg Cemetery 101/34/28/NESE partial listing
St John's Lutheran Cemetery 101/34/23/NENE indexed and walked
Union State Line Cemetery (located 1/2 mile S of MN) indexed and copied. Located here

Rost Township
Old Rost Township Cemetery . walked
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery A - M
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery N - Z
. walked

Round Lake Township
Old Norwegian Cemetery 101/38/24/SWNW walked and partial from Church history..Old Norwegian Cemetery (Norwegian Lutheran)

Sioux Valley Township
Sioux Valley Cemetery 101/37/29/NENW indexed and copied

Weimer Township
Lakeside Cemetery 104/37/20/NWNW indexed and copied
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery 104/37/07/SESW indexed and copied

West Heron Lake Township
Old Pioneer Cemetery . partial listing
St John's Lutheran Cemetery 103/37/18/NESE indexed and walked

Wisconsin Township
Miller Family Cemetery 102/34/30/SWSW no records or indexing available yet

Alpha Mennonite Cemetery unknown no records or indexing available yet
County Poor Cemetery unknown only two burials -records noted at the Jackson County Historical Society
Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery 15550 Hwy115
Little Falls, MN 56345
phone:(320) 616-2527
email: davidps@fallsnet.com

If you have information to add or corrections, click here to email me at mnjackso@gmail.com.

If you would like to volunteer to transcribe a cemetery,
visit the Tombstone Transcription Project.

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