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Jackson Co, MN
Heron Lake City Cemetery, Heron Lake Township, Jackson Co, MN

Surnames A - M

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Heron Lake City Cemetery...("Lakeside Cemetery")

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heron_lake_cemetery_north_end.jpg heron_lake_cemetery_north_end_along_duck_lake.jpg heron_lake_cemetery_view_from_back.jpg
  • Heron Lake City Cemetery
    Located on north side of Heron Lake/Hwy 60, SW corner of Duck Lake
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photos

  • andersen_ada andersen_alf
  • Andersen
    Ada, Alf
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • anderson_ida_c_headstone.jpg
  • Andersen
    Ida C 1872-1938,
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • arnold_hermanj_headstone.jpg arnold_infant_headstone.jpg
  • Arnold
    Herman J., infant
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • balch_helma_headstone.jpg
  • Balch
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • behrenfeld_theodore_headstone.jpeg
  • Behrenfeld
    Theodore Behrenfeld headstone 1877-1917
    Theodore was the son of John and Anna Behrenfeld (see Sacred Heart Cemetery). Theodore's sister, Bertha Miller is also interred in this cemetery (see this page). A photo of Theodore along with is brother Otto can be found on the photos page.
    -photo courtesy Susan Behrenfeld Gulstad Nov 2010

  • berkness_carrie berkness_henry berkness_minnie berkness_shirley berkness_sophia berkness_sophia_nee_robson berkness_syvert berkness_unknown
  • Berkness
    Carrie, Henry, Minnie, Shirley, Sophia, Sophia (nee Robson), Syvert, Unknown
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • blenkiron_headstone.jpg
  • Blenkiron
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • brooks_headstone.jpg brooks_headstone.jpg
  • Brooks
    Mary, daughter
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • buckeye_abraham buckeye_annie buckeye_charlie buckeye_erling_charles_jeppesen buckeye_john buckeye_john buckeye_lloyd_f buckeye_mary_j
  • Buckeye
    Abraham, Annie, Charlie 1870-1931, John, John, Lloyd, Mary J.,
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • butler_kenneth_a_lillian_nee_poppitz_headstone.jpg
  • Butler
    Kenneth, Lillian (nee Poppitz)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • dieson_anne_mother_headstone.jpg dieson_arne_t_headstone.jpg dieson_georgina_daughter_headstone.jpg dieson_marker_headstone.jpg dieson_torkil_father_headstone.jpg
  • Dieson
    Anne (mother), Arne T., Georgina (daughter) 1876-1943, family headstone, Torkil (father)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • christy_knute_j_headstone.jpg christy_knute_j_headstone.jpg
  • Christy
    John and Jennie
    Knute J.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • clark_headstone.jpg clark_guy_headstone.jpg
  • Clark
    Headstone, Guy L., Iris L.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • cook_headstone.jpg
  • Cook
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • dahl_olie_h_headstone.jpg dahl_samuel_mary_headstone.jpg
  • Dahl
    Olie H., Samuel and Mary
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • davis_arthur_e_headstone.jpg davis_emily_headstone.jpg davis_family_headstone.jpg davis_fred_g_father_headstone.jpg davis_sarah_c_mother_headstone.jpg
  • Davis
    Arthur E., Emily, Family marker, Fred G (father), Sarah C (mother)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • day_anna_a_headstone.jpg day_charles_l_bessie_g_headstone.jpg day_elmer_headstone.jpg day_frank_e_headstone.jpg day_jessie_nee day_marker_headstone.jpg day_maxine_headstone.jpg
  • Day
    Anna, Charles L. and Bessie G., Elmer, Frank E., Jessie (nee Volk), Family marker, Maxine.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • demoure_alma_c_headstone.jpg demoure_augusta_s_edward_e_headstone.jpg demoure_clara_m_headstone.jpg demoure_clara_mother_headstone.jpg demoure_family_headstone.jpg demoure_harry_h_father_headstone.jpg
  • DeMoure
    Alma C., Augusta S. and Edward E., Clara M., Clara (mother), Family marker, Harry H. (father).
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • feger_ann_headstone.jpg
  • Feger
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • fodness_albert_julia_headstone.jpg fodness_headstones.jpg fodness_bert_headstone.jpg fodness_inger_headstone.jpg fodness_jul_headstone.jpg fodness_julc_headstone.jpg fodness_mary_headstone.jpg fodness_unreadible_headstone.jpg fodness_unreadible_headstone.jpg
  • Fodness
    Albert and Julia,
    Headstones, Bert, Inger C., Jul 1850-1903, Jul C. 1859-1903
    Mary 1854-1927, unreadible, unreadible 1800-1880
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • foote_judith_lynn_headstone.jpg
  • Foote
    Judith Lynn
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • freemire_headstone.jpg freemire_henry_hazel_headstone.jpg freemire_father_headstone.jpg freemire_mather_headstone.jpg freemire_unreadible_headstone.jpg freemire_sideview_headstone.jpg freemire_clara_headstone.jpg freemire_erwin_ella_headstone.jpg freemire_jennie_headstone.jpg freemire_susan_headstone.jpg freemire_w.e_headstone.jpg
  • Freemire
    Headstone, Henry and Hazel, father, mother, unreadible
    Freemire graves and sideview headstone, Clara G., Erwin L. and L. Ella, Jennie E., Susan (wife of John Hiebert), W.E.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • freer_headstone.jpg freer_ann_e_headstone.jpg freer_bert_j_headstone.jpg freer_ellenheadstone.jpg freer_frank_headstone.jpg freer_fred_headstone.jpg freer_ida_headstone.jpg freer_frank_headstone.jpg freer_lenora_headstone.jpg freer_lloyd_e_headstone.jpg freer_newton_headstone.jpg freer_newton_headstone.jpg freer_nora_headstone.jpg freer_ruby_headstone.jpg freer_ruby_headstone.jpg freer_walter_headstone.jpg
  • Freer
    Ann E., Bert J., Frank, Johannes D., Lloyd E., Newton, Ruby, Unknown
    Family headstone, Ellen H., Fred W., Ida J., Nora Leola, Lenora, Walter
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • garoutte_edwin_l_headstone.jpg garoutte_nora_m_headstone.jpg garoutte_unknown_headstone.jpg
  • Garoutte
    Edwin L, Nora M., Unknown
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • gilbertson_gilbert_headstone.jpg
  • Gilbertson
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • gillson_hannah_e_headstone.jpg
  • Gillson
    Hanna E.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • gunderson_gunder_headstone.jpg
  • Gunderson
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • hanson_christina_mother_headstone.jpg hanson_marius_father_headstone.jpg hanson_maurice_h_headstone.jpg
  • Hanson
    Christina (mother), Marius (father), Maurice H.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • hartman_leona_headstone.jpg hartman_russel_w_headstone.jpg
  • Hartman
    Leona, Russel W.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • hellickson_hellick_sigrid_headstone.jpg
  • Hellickson
    Hellick, Sigrid
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • holt_erik_karoline_headstone.jpg holt_hans_e_headstone.jpg holt_hans_e_headstone.jpg
  • Holt
    Erik, Karoline, Hans E.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • hovelson_edward_headstone.jpg
  • Hovelson
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • husson_orrin_david_headstone.jpg hussong_alice_a_headstone.jpg hussong_clifford_w_headstone.jpg hussong_elaine_headstone.jpg hussong_family_headstone.jpg hussong_lily_may_burris_headstone.jpg hussong_william_w_headstone.jpg
  • Hussong
    Orrin David, Alice Al, Clifford W., Elaine, Family marker, Lily May Burris, William W.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • johnson_john_b_sonof_pederandannemarie_headstone.jpg johnson_josephine_daughterof_pederandannemarie_headstone.jpg johnson_martin_z_headstone.jpg johnson_mary_l_headstone.jpg johnson_peder_anne_marie_headstone.jpg johnson_william_m_headstone.jpg
  • Johnson
    John B (son of Peder/Anne Marie), Josephine (daughter of Peder/Anne Marie), Martin Z., Mary L., Peder and Anne Marie, William M.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • johnson_edward_headstone.jpg johnson_fred_charlotte.jpg johnson_goodwin_ruby_headstone.jpg
  • Johnson
    Edward 1888-1967, Fred and Charlotte, Goodwin and Ruby
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • jones_dora_f_mother_headstone.jpg
  • Jones
    Dora F. (mother), Family marker, Family headstones, Leslie E. (1892-1895), Sadie B. (1880-1901), Thomas A. (father)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • juvland_headstone.jpg juvland_susanne_t_headstone.jpg juvland_thomas_headstone.jpg
  • Juvland
    Family marker, Susanne T., Thomas
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • kuhnau_daisy_mother_headstone.jpg kuhnau_family_headstone.jpg kuhnau_lester_allen_headstone.jpg kuhnau_orville_r_headstone.jpg kuhnau_rudolph_father_headstone.jpg
  • Kahnau
    Daisy (mother), Family marker, Lester Allen, Orville R., Rudolph R. (father)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • knudson_headstone.jpg knudson_mina_headstone.jpg knudson_husband_headstone.jpg
  • Knudson
    Family marker, Mina (wife), husband (unreadible)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • kunsman_headstone.jpg kunsman_father_headstone.jpg kunsman_mother_headstone.jpg
  • Kunsman
    Family marker, Father, Mother
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • larson_inger_headstone.jpg larson_lewis_headstone.jpg larson_marker_headstone.jpg larson_sigured_headstone.jpg
  • Larson
    Inger, Lewis, family headstone, Sigured
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • lerud_headstone.jpg
  • Lerud

    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • liepold_julius_f_headstone.jpg liepold_lizzie_headstone.jpg liepold_marker.jpg
  • Liepold
    Julius F. 1869-1939, Lizzie 1874-1973
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • lommeland_andrew_father_headstone.jpg lommeland_anna_daughterof_andrew_annie_headstone.jpg lommeland_annie_mother_headstone.jpg lommeland_grandmother_headstone.jpg lommeland_john_sonof_andrewandannie_headstone.jpg lommeland_mollie_daughterof_andrew_annie_headstone.jpg
  • Lommeland
    Andrew (father), Anna (daughter of Andrew and Annie), Annie (mother), Grandmother, John (son of Andrew and Annie), Mollie (daughter of Andrew and Annie)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • lundeberg_marker_headstone.jpg lundeberg_anna_headstone.jpg lundeberg_father_headstone.jpg lundeberg_headstones.jpg lundeberg_infant_headstone.jpg lundeberg_infant_headstone.jpg lundeberg_mother_headstone.jpg
  • Lundeberg
    family headstone, Anna, father, headstones, John G., mother
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • lunn_locke_agnes_headstone.jpg
  • Lunn
    Locke and Agnes
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • mckellar_amanda_v_headstone.jpg mckellar_archibald_headstone.jpg mckellar_christine_headstone.jpg mckellar_family_headstone.jpg mckellar_margaret_headstone.jpg mckellar_peter_headstone.jpg
  • McKellar
    Amanda V., Archibald, Christine, Family marker, Margaret, Peter
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • miller_heinie_and_violet_headstone
  • Miller
    Heinie and Violet
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • behrenfeld_bertha_miller_headstone.jpeg
  • Miller
    Bertha (Behrenfeld) Miller headstone. Bertha was the daughter of John and Anna Behrenfeld (see Sacred Heart Cemetery). Bertha's niece, Mabel, married Alfred Smith (see Sacred Heart Cemetery). Bertha's brother, Theodore (see this page) is also interred at this cemetery.
    -photo courtesy Susan Behrenfeld Gulstad Nov 2010

  • morrison_emma_c_1863_1930_mother_headstone.jpg morrison_family_headstone.jpg morrison_george_e_father_1862_1937_headstone.jpg morrison_glen_1925_1930_headstone.jpg morrison_harry_1890_1916_headstone.jpg morrison_janet_kay_daughof_donald_mildred_headstone.jpg morrison_mabel_a_mother_1889_1965_headstone.jpg morrison_roy_w_father_1885_1957_headstone.jpg
  • Morrison
    Emma C. 1863-1930 (mother), Family marker, George E. 1862-1937 (father), Glen 1925-1930, Harry 1890-1916, Janet Kay (daughter of Donald and Mildred), Mabel A. 1889-1965 (mother), Roy W. 1885-1957 (father)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • mott_marker_headstone.jpg mott_martha_headstone.jpg mott_victor_g_headstone.jpg mott_baby_lee_lowell_headstones.jpg mott_baby_headstones.jpg mott_lee_headstones.jpg mott_lowell_headstones.jpg
  • Mott
    Martha, Victor G.
    Headstones-3 (baby, lee, lowell), Baby, Lee B., Lowell
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

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