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Jackson County, MN

(seeking general information on people, places, etc)

This page is devoted for people seeking various items of interest. If you would like to post a query on this page,
simply click here to email me and I would be happy to post it! Include your information as you would like it posted.
Unless you specify otherwise, your email address will be included so others can contact you with information.

Queries will be listed on this page for about one year at which time they will be moved to the "past queries" page which
is accessible by clicking here. Please take a few minutes to check this page out as well if you are a new visitor.

  • Posted December 2020-

    I’m interested in the life of Ole J. Kilen (1902-?) born in Belmont Township. After appearing in the federal census in 1920 and marrying Velma Pearl Woltz in 1924, he disappears from historical records I have access to. Velma remarried in 1929 and lived until 1978. Information or suggestions for further research would be welcome.
    Thank you.
    Philip M. Teigen

    Click here to email Philip M. Teigen
  • Posted August 2020-

    I am searching for information on G.B. Cunningham, father of Dudley E. Cunningham. Also any information available on Dudley would be appreciated. I am his great grandson and trying to find out as much family history as possible.
    Thank you.
    Robert Cunningham

    Click here to email Robert Cunningham
  • Posted March 2019-

    I’m trying to figure out where my gg-grandfather would have been buried. I found him in 1875 Minnesota State Census with his daughter Anna Peterson and granddaughter Anna. This is the last place I’ve found him. He was 61 at that time. They are listed on the same census page with a lot of Habermans, Bigners, Winklers, Nimmerfros, Hegers, Gehr families. I know many of those are connected to me so I know they were a tight community. Census page shows LaCrosse twp., although another place shows Kimball twp. What cemetery would these people be buried in, and does anyone have that cemetery recorded? His name was John Fried. I’d like to come down that way in the summer, if we ever get summer.
    Thank you.
    Judy Olson

    Click here to email Judy Olson
  • Posted May 2017-

    I'm researching my family in Jackson Co., MN. A great uncle, Andrew Sabolik moved with his family to Christiana Twp from Illinois via Iowa around 1917. A possible relative (perhaps cousin?) Andrew Bakalyar moved to Jackson Co., Hunter Twp in 1906. My Andrew Sabolik's mother's maiden name was Bakalyar/Bakalar. How close are these two townships? Any suggestions as to how I might try to prove/disprove a relationship here? I know Andrew Sabolik's ancestry/descendancy. I do NOT know Andrew Bakalyar's, other than that both men came from Bohemia between 1879 and 1885. Naming patterns in these two families is very similar, but the names seem to be used very often by any Slovak family!
    Thank you for any suggestions.
    Linda Mital McConnell

    Click here to email Linda Mital McConnell
  • Posted Mar 2017-

    Looking for military history on my Grandfather Guy Obert Hanson from Heron Lake MN. W.W 1
    Email if you can. Thank you
    Gary Anderson

    Click here to email Gary Anderson
  • Posted Aug 2016-

    Any information for the name Zellaha, or also spelled Zallaha. Most likely in the 20's, 30's, or 40's. Believed to be from around the Lake field, or Jackson area. Are there any (UN-official) historians in the area's, who are known for being the keepers of knowledge?

    Click here to email Dennis Zellaha
  • Posted Aug 2016-

    I am looking for information on family descended from John Olson Bodvig. He married Oleanna Pederson in Enterprise Township, Jackson County Minnesota. They had five children. Odin Olson Bodvig, Emma Baadvig, Clara Lena Olson, Oscar Emil Bodvig (my great-grandfather) and Benhart Olson. Oscar moved with his bride Sophia Nelson to North Dakota. Not much is know about the rest of the family. Emma married Joseph "Bert" Thompson. Clara married Johan "John" Dammann. Would appreciate any information.

    Click here to email Linda Bodvig Kemmet
  • Posted Feb 2016-

    I am trying to find out when the first class graduated from Okabena High School.

    Click here to email Nancy Hartman
  • Posted Nov 2015-

    I am looking for some information regarding a home for children who had severe birth defects. This children’s home is/was operated in Jackson, Minnesota and was in operation during the 1960s. If a child was institutionalized in this home and had died there, where in the Jackson area would this child be buried? Any information that could be provided would be most helpful. Thank you.

    Click here to email Mike Simons
  • Posted Jan 2015-

    I am looking for information on August Carl Ernst Huebner. He was born 23 Dec 1849 in Gramenz, Neustettin, Pommern, Germany to Fredericka Huebner (unwed). He married Mrs. Albertine Mittlestadt and had three children, Henrietta, Carl, and Clara in Jackson county. I believe he passed away in Jackson county in 1909 but do not have confirmation of his death or a location for his burial.

    Click here to email Charlotte Kensil
  • Posted Nov 2014-

    I am looking for information on my grandfather, Thomas Harm Oltmans. Born in 1909. He died in 1987. I was 2. My family doesn't know much information. I am trying to build a family tree and I am stuck with him.

    Click here to email Hollie Crawford
  • Posted Nov 2014-

    I don't have a website associated with my family tree, but am searching for information on Albert Elkin (Okabena), Mrs. Minnie Kraft (Okabena) and Mrs. John Baumgartner (Jackson). These three were cousins of my great grandfather, Fred G. Carson.

    Click here to email Beth De Vries

  • Posted Mar 2014-

    Searching information on Adolph Julius Bettin born 16 Dec 1864 in Germany, died 31 Jan 1932 Lakefield, MN. He married Anna Zarling at Grafton, Iowa on 22 Jan 1896. Children were Clara, Roy, and Otto. Looking for other researchers, obituary, and picture.

    Click here to email Sue O’Brien

  • Posted Jan 2014-

    Searching for obituary or any other information about Augusta Neitsel, died age 100, at Lakefield, MN.

    Click here to email Janean McKay

  • Posted Mar 2013-

    Searching info for Christian Schultz, born 1838 in Germany. MN deaths & burials: Christian F. Schultz, died 1 Apr 1906 place of death Jackson, Jackson, Minnesota. Spouse listed as Dora, previous location Palos, Il

    Click here to email Dave Schultz

  • Posted Feb 2013-

    Looking for someone researching Norgrants in Jackson Co.. Andrew Norgrant (1845-1927) moved to Lakefield, Jackson Co. from Boone Co., Iowa between 1881 and 1895 after death of wife Anna Hanson. Andrew’s son Andrew Elias Norgrant (1872-1948) lived in the area as well as some of Andrew Elias’ children, Eva Teig, Lloyd Norgrant and Ansel Norgrant. My interest is actually with Anna Hanson, her ancestors and descendents. Are burial records on line somewhere?

    Click here to email Gary Albers

  • Posted Feb 2013-

    Looking for any information on my great grandfather Wesley S, Cady and my grandfather Burt Elmer Cady.who lived in Jackson, Minnesota. My father Lowell Cady graduated from Jackson High School in 1944, joined the Marines, married and lived the rest of his life in Ohio.

    Click here to email Greg

  • Posted April 2012-

    I saw on a post-em note from Nov. 2011 on a worldconnect site. Someone from the Jackson Co. Historical site was seeking a biography of Joseph Kester. The e-mail address on the note is no longer viable. Joseph was my great great grandfather. He and his family lived in Jackson Co., MN in 1860. He enlisted in the Civil War in Oct. 1861. If someone is still interested in information about him, I'd be happy to supply what I have

    Thank you,
    Maggie Nelson
    email: maggiebly@gmail.com

    Click here to email Maggie

  • Posted April 2012-

    My grandfather was Nels Larsen. He had two sons. My fathers' name was Dale Curtis Larsen. The other brothers name I can't remember, because mom didn't like him so we never heard much about him. I sure would like to know if I have relatives somewhere in the US. My mothers' maiden name was Helen Bernadine Shaw. Nels was a gravel truck driver who immagrated from Denmark in ?1908, His wifes name was Gunheild (sp) I believe. Nels and Gunhield, Dale and Bernadine are all buried at the Riverside Cemetary there. My name is Scott Laine Larsen and I was born in Jackson on December 29, 1950. I'm trying to piece the family back together so I can hand the information off to my son. I am 61 years old and am in good health, Lord willing, and I would like to know what became of my dads brother and whether he had children or not. He was an alcoholic is all I remember and that's all mom ever told me about him.

    Thank you,
    Scott Larsen
    email: 1969s11@gmail.com or sll69@att.net

    Click here to email Scott

  • Posted May 2011-

    I have just begun my ancestry search and am already stopped at my grandfather, Shirley Cuthburt Miller.

    His WWI draft registration card indicates he was born on July 25, 1890 in Heron Lake, MN. Was there a hospital in Heron Lake at that time? I am trying to determine if he was born in Heron Lake, MN because that is where the hospital was located. If no hospital, then his parents lived in Heron Lake which may give me additional information to research.

    My great grandfather was David N Miller.

    Thank you,
    C. Lacy

    Click here to email Carla

  • Posted Mar 2011-

    I am interested in any information about Martin Hanson Olstad and family. He was born in Gjerdum Norway 18 May 1835 and died in Delafield MN 5 Feb 1904. His wife was Anne Christine Jens. also born in Gjerdum Norway on 20 Oct. 1827. Their children: Anna Marie Hanson, Hannah M. Hanson, John Martin Hanson (who also lived in Delafield with wife Louisa Nelson), Emilie Christine Hanson, Hans Jakob Hanson, and Agnetha Mathilda Hanson.

    Thank you,
    Kari Christiansen

    Click here to email Kari

  • Posted Feb 2011-

    Several years ago I inquired about my grandparents, Taylor Arthur Alexander and his wife Jennie Kane Alexander who I believe were married in Heron Lake on June 23, 1890. Taylor was admitted to the Minnesota Bar in 1887 and began practicing law in Heron Lake in 1887 to 1890. I have again resumed my search for information. I believe that Taylor started a library for the town in his own home during that period. I was told it may have been noted in a publication during the centennial of Heron Lake.

    Thank you,
    Rosalie Alexander Loveland
    Sioux Falls, SD

    Click here to email Rosalie

  • Posted Jan 2011-

    Any information on the Thomas Stoddard family. Thomas died 16 Feb. 1884 at age 90 in Minneota, Jackson County, Minn. The family was at one time living in Fond Du Lac, Wis. Son Henry lived at Blue Earth, Minn. Also had sons John and Frank. And a daughter Eliza Ann.

    I would be happy to exchange information.
    Thank you,
    Rosebud, MT 59347

    Click here to email Nancy Luther

  • Posted Oct 2010-

    I am looking for relatives of Charles H (1872-1955) and Emma A (1877-1956) Olson. They are buried at Riverside Cemetery. Charles' sister was Bella Nasby. Charles and Bella were my grandfather's cousins. Charles and Bella were also related to the Slaabakken/Olson famillies. Charles' and Bella's parents had a farm at Emmet (Spirit Lake) Iowa. I have found the names of Bella's children. Did Charles and Emma have any children? Does anyone have some pictures of these individuals? Thank You!

    Click here to email Oddbjørg Brænd, Norway

  • Posted Sep 2010-

    I would love to talk to anyone interested in the Cady Family. Several years ago I spent some time in Jackson reviewing old newspaper articles and could not find a obituary notice for my grandfather Burt E. Cady. He died in Fairmont at his brothers house, lived in Jackson and is buried in Jackson. For some reason I could not find this obituary notice in the Jackson Pilot. He died on January 13, 1946, and would love to see a copy of the article. Can anyone help me with this task?

    My Grandparents were Burt E. Cady and Cora H. Leach. Their children were Alice, Earl "Brick", Lawrence B. and Lowell Leach.

    Burt's parents were Wesley S. Cady and Sarah Jane Cooper. Their children were Maude Mary, John H., Burt Elmer, Mary L., Frank Earl, Martha Pearl and William Gilbert.

    Wesley came to Jackson from Troupsburg, New York. I can trace the family farther back but really wanted to get the information to you to see if anyone else is looking for the Cady family name. I am interested in finding any relatives that might be researching the family name.

    Thank You!

    Click here to email Greg Cady

  • Posted Jul 2010-

    I am conducting family research on my mother's side of the family. We have quite a few relatives that were residents of the Christiania Township. I have found most of the information I need, but I am still trying to track down one of them. They lived in Christiania Township, section 28. On the 1882 Plat Map, they are listed as S.O. Moe. I believe their names were Sven O. Moe and Jonelle (Svenson) Moe, but I would like to confirm their names since census information has not been clear. If anyone has any information about this couple I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions on how I can further research them. Thank You!

    Click here to email Mary

  • Posted Jul 2010-

    I am looking for the cemetery and info of Ira Gates WALDEN (1826-1886) who served in the 2nd Minnesota volunteers in the civil war. He died in Jackson County 3 Jan 1886, and last resided in Des Moines township, Minnesota. If anyone has seen his gravesite I would love to have a photo.

    Click here to email Don and Robin

  • Posted Jun 2010-

    I am looking for information on Criness Larue who married Luck Koon. Parents were Samuel Larue and Jane Dixon. Would be in the early 1800's. They are buried at Jackson Cemetery. Thank you.

    Click here to email Janette Larue Parkins

  • Posted Apr 2010-

    I am looking for information on Emile Baumgaard, b. Aug 2, 1854 in Germany. She married Karl/Carl Pfeil, b. Jan 19, 1847. I saw an Adolph and August Baumgaard in the military listing from Jackson County and am wondering if they are related.

    Click here to email Linda Meichsner

  • Posted Feb 2010-

    I would like to have a more precise date for the marriage of Ben Iverson (Benhard I. Iverson) to Linda Olson, which supposedly took place in Jackson County in 1914. Thanks in advance to anyone, who can help.

    Click here to email Jean

  • Posted Feb 2010-

    My grandfather Olaus O Aarstad was born in Verdal/Vuku Norway in 1859, he immigrated to America in 1881. He left Tronheim in April of 1881, his destination was Windom, MN. On the ship he came over on there were two others listed for Windom, MN. Johan Karmhus, and Kjersten Hellem. I don't know how long my grandfather lived in Windon, by 1890 he had moved to WI. My grandfather's brother Elling O. Aarstad born 1856 in Verdal/Vuku Norway, immigrated in 1882 with his destination Jackson, MN. He had changed his first name to Erling. I wonder if there would be any records as to their living in Jackson, and Cottonwood counties. My other inquiry is if Elling (Erling) O. Aarstad had died in that area, if there would be record of that. I know that 3 of the brothers resided in WI, but not Elling.

    Thank you for any information anyone would have. :
    Click here to email Lainy

  • Posted Nov 2009-

    I would like any information regarding Mr. William M. Jackson who died in Jackson, MN in 1939. He was the County Engineer until his passing. His wife’s name was Laura and they lived at 919 Sherman Street in Jackson.

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email Ron Mc Connell

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