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Jackson County, MN

(seeking general information on people, places, etc)

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  • Posted Aug 2009-
    I am looking for any information on my Great-Grandparents John Vickmark or Julia (Gurena) Burreson Vickmark and their baby boy.. All died in Jackson county in the 1890's to very early 1900's. I would like to locate their graves if possible.

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email Kristi Petersen
  • Posted Aug 2009-
    I am looking for any info on what happened to Edward Bolter, his wife Augusta Bolter and their son Fred. 1870 federal census finds them in Petersburg, Jackson Co. Edward is 40, his wife is 30 and Fred is 4. Fred was born in Wisc, and Edward and Augusta were both born in Prussia and I believe met & married in Wisc. In the 1875 MN census they are in Jackson Co, Minneota township. Edward is 45 and Augusta is 34 and Fred is 8. In Nov 1876 land records state Edward had 160 acres, sec 14, twp 101-N, range 34-W, Meridan 5th pm,County Jackson. Is there a way to find out when this land was sold and to whom? I can't trace Edward and Augusta in 1880 or beyond but I may or may not have found Fred from 1892 in Estherville Iowa through 1930 in Burleigh Co Bismark ND. Anything anybody can come up with would be welcome.

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email Marilyn Rubbelke
  • Posted May 2009-
    I am looking for information on the Reineke Family. I know that the following are buried there as well as some others. Any info you could get me on any of the Reineke's and their families would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you!

    William Reineke
    brn: Sept 26, 1900 Dd: June ___, 1984
    ---he was married to---
    Alvina (Grein) Reineke
    brn: Nov 24, 1900 Dd: 1978

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email Amy
  • Posted May 2009-
    I am interested in finding information of my grandparents, Jennie Kane Alexander and Taylor Arthur Alexander. Taylor was born about 1864. He was an attorney. Jennie was born at Heron Lake.

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email Rosalie

    NOTE: Rosalie, it appears you're email address is invalid (checked Feb2010).
    Can you send me a valid email address please?
  • Posted Apr 2009-
    Searching for the ancestors and descendants of Chris [Kristofer] Jenson Hougland / Haugland who married Ella U. Johnson on 11 Nov 1889 in Story Co. IA. Chris/Cris/Christ was born 24 Sep 1860, Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway and died 25 May 1942, Jackson, Jackson, MN. In the early 1900s they lived in Petersburg Twp. with children: Christina, Joseph O., Richard, Martha, Arthur, Juliette, Clarence, Ernest, Ethel, Helen and Myrtle. Any information would be appreciated and I am happy to share data..

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email Margaret W. Hougland
  • Posted Jan 2009-
    Seeking information on the Herman and Kate Fredrick family of Jackson, Minnesota, namely their daughter Anne Fredrick, born about 1900. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    If you can help or have information:
    Click here to email.
  • Posted Nov 2008-
    I am looking for information on Hildor Hedlund and his wife Esther. He was a jeweler/watchmaker and had his own shop in Lakefield for a few years. He was living there in 1918 according to his WW1 draft registration card and was also in the 1920 census. When they married in 1911, he stated Jackson Co. as his home. He was in Chicago in 1930 with a different wife. I was told, according to the stories, that Esther had been put into a hospital, but no-one knows where and I haven't been able to find any records. It was also told that she had a child at one time. Lakefield is the only place you find Hildor and Esther. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Zona Hayen My email is zonhp@hotmail.com

    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Zona Hayen
  • Posted Nov 2008-
    I am looking for information about the Shaver family who lived near Wilder. We know that Jasper Arthur Shaver (my grandfather) was born there on July 18, 1881 to Jasper Peter Shaver and Ida May Pratt Shaver, daughter of George Franklin Pratt and Adelia A J Greenman. Of particular interest is the murder of George Franklin Pratt in January 1878..I see another querie about this person and if info has been found, would be delighted to know about it. Any information or suggestions on where to look will be much appeciated. Thank you. Allene Mae Shaver Moesler

    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Allene Mae Shaver Moesler
  • Posted Oct 2008-
    My search is for an EBY family that moved from Canada to Des Moines , Jackson, Mn in 1855. They are recorded in the Census for the years 1880 and for 1900 for that county. Menno EBY was born in Feb 1819 in Canada and Elizabeth EBY was born Sept 1820 also in Canada. By 1900 they were 81 and 79 respectively. Their death dates and burial sites are the goals of my search. Apparently Elizabeth died in 1902 (unconfirmed). In 1900 the children still living with them were Lemuel 47, Aaron, 44 and Matilda 34. The 1880 Census shows Mary 27, Martha 21 Matilda 17 and Emma 14. Any enlightenment on this family would be appreciated.

    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Shirley Sinclair
  • Posted Oct 2008-
    I am researching my family and would like any information on the Harazin family. They moved to Jackson MN from NY in 1880 after June of that year. They were immigrants from Czechoslovakia. They purchased a farm and lived there for a few years. I know they returned back to NY before 1894. Franz Harazin was the father and Maria his wife. The children were: Franz, Joseph, Johan, Wenzl, Anna. I know another girl Mary was born in MN. Another child may have been born and died. The farm was on a cross road. Supposedly the older boys worked in an Iron mine.

    Information I would be interested in would include: who did they buy the farm from, when did they leave Jackson, did any of the children attend school, was there another child born and anything about the iron mining.

    I believe that Mary went to visit the area in 1950 and said that the original farm was still there and the family that bought the farm from the Harazinís was still living in the house.

    Most of my research in on ancestry.com under Marzocco family tree. If you can help or have information:
    please email: Jean Bottone
  • Posted May 2008-
    I'm seeking information on Andreas, or Andrew, Hansen Svensrud and his family. He was born 1885 in Modum, Buskerud, Norway. He, along with his wife, Barbara and infant child, Anna, emigrated from Nakkerud, Norway in 1910 to Jackson, MN. Traveling with them were two of Andreas' siblings, Ole and Anna Svensrud (their names were spelled Svendsrud on the ship manifest).

    Andrew Svensrud (he is apparently going by Andrew as opposed to Andreas) and family are found on the 1920 U.S. Census living on River Road in the Village of Jackson. Present are wife Barbara, daughter Anna (or Eva?), son Alvin (b. 1911 Canada), son Bert (b. 1915 MN), and daughter Gladys (b. abt 1919). He is listed as a Tiler. I also have Andrew's WWI draft registration card showing that in 1918 he was employed as a laborer by Ted Johnson.

    I am the great grandson of Andrew's sister, Anna. I have much information to share regarding the families Andrew's (Andreas') siblings. Extended family of Anna, and his baby sister Nora (who emigrated separately) are living throughout the Midwest. I also have some information on family still in Norway.

    I welcome contact and especially any information on family. If you can help or have information:
    please email: Matt Turner
  • Posted Mar 2008-
    Iím from Voss in Norway. From the mid 1800ís to the early 1900ís lot of my ancestors emigrated to US. Most of them ended up in North Dakota, Oregon and Minnesota and some other states. Family names are Rogne, Rockne, Bryn and BjÝrgo. One of my ancestors from Voss, Anna Knutsdotter BjÝrgo, married to Knut Langeland came to US in 1856. They lived for two years in Koskonong and in year 1858 they went to Big Canoe where they stayed until 1861 when they took claim in Jackson county somewhere by the river Des Moines and they got 8 children. The 24th of August 1862 the family was attacked by the Indians. Knut was out somewhere in the fields looking for his cattle when the indians came and killed Anna and five of their children. One daughter, Martha, eight years old, managed to escape and hide in the cornfields and survived. Another daughter was seriously wounded by gunshots and arrows, but survived though the Indians believed she was dead. But she died on the road to Spirit Lake. Another surviving daughter was Julia. Later, Knut went back together with a platoon of soldiers and buried his family.

    I know that Martha became married to a man named Sivertson and that they lived in Westbrook Minnesota. I know for sure she got six children so there got to be ancestors of at least Martha. Iíve checked some Morman internet sites and found Julia. It seems that she lived single with her father in Cottonwood, but I didnít find out more. Of Martha I could not find anything. This summer, my wife and I are going to ride the historic Route 66 from Chicago to LA, but maybe already next year, if we can afford it, we are going to follow our ancestors track from Ellis Island. And it would be very interesting to find the approx. spot where that terrible event happened in August 1862 and maybe the graves of Anna and her kids. And I also hope to find ancestors from Martha and Julia. So if there is someone that can give me some information I would be very greatful. Best regards, Jostein BÝ
    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Jostein BÝ
  • Posted Mar 2008-
    I attended District 53 in Christiana Township for grades K-3 in the early 40's and I wonder if anyone has ever written anything on that School? I graduated from Windom High School and currently my ties with Windom are through the Citizen and the Cemeteries. I will be happy to pay for any information you have on District 53 or if you can direct me to someone who may know something about that School. Thank you!
    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Harriet Grein Rudd
  • Posted Mar 2008-
    I have several older style photos from early to mid-1900's of various people/families which my Grandmother had stowed away for many years. I rescued them in hopes of finding family and relatives who should have them. Surnames are: Bauer, Garms, Harst, Grossbruger/Grosjbruger, Hamdland, Hanson, Hilbert, Karsten, Knolls, Knuth, Lage, Markquart, Paulsen, Rachou, Snear, Stolhner, Threde, Weinerl/Weinert, Wiese, Willhausen, Willerd, Wulf.
    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Randy Wendel
  • Posted Feb 2008-
    I'm living in Denmark, Europe. Found out that my ancestor: Christian Frederik Holstein Magnussen was buried in Jackson, MN in 1965. He was born in Veddum, Denmark in 1890 and immigrated to US in 1911. I'd like to know if there's still family living in the Jackson area.
    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Lis Holstein, Denmark (Europe)
  • Posted Feb 2008-
    I have been working on a friends papers for the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists. Her name is Patricia Pratt Zuanich, and her great grandfather was George Franklin (Frank) Pratt Jr., son of George Franklin Pratt Sr., who Married Adelia Angeline Greenman in 1863. Where we need help is that we know that George Sr. was killed by his father-in-law on 26 Jan 1878 in Jackson Co. Minnesota. We know they lived near Heron Lake but we need proof - there was a article in a newspaper about it that Pat can not find and he must of been buried there. If there is someone who can find any articles for us and take a picture of grave markers, I would happy to pay for the gas and whatever can be found about George Pratt Sr. and Greenman family (Chauncey W. Greenman and Clarissa).
    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Maralyn Ricketts, Lynnwood, WA, Regent, Pilchuck Chapter DAC
  • Posted Jan 2008-
    I am seeking information on my great grandfather, Frank {Francois} Benoit who lived in Lakefield, Mn a few years in 1877, 1878 where they had 2 children born then moved to Sioux Valley Township. While in Sioux Valley they had 7 more children, 3 of whom died in a house fire on 6 May 1886. My question is this- was Frank's father and mother living there by them? I believe his name was Jean {John} Benoit, born in France and came to Canada in 1835. Would the town have newspapers for any of the mentioned years?
    If you can help or have information:
    please email: Ken McColm
  • Posted Feb 2003--
    I am seeking information about Matej DOBES and Mary KORBEL DOBES who I believe were buried in Jackson County. Matej was a Bohemian, so might have been buried in the Bohemian cemetary in Kimball township. Hoping someone can help, I will be grateful for any information.
    Cheryl (Dobesh) Moore
  • Posted Jan 2003--
    I am interested in learning more about my great-grandfather. His name was Jens JOHNSON (JOHANNESON). He was born in Vestfossen, Norway on July 21, 1842 and died in Windom, MN on July 13, 1914. I believe he was sheriff of Jackson County, but am wondering if anyone can verify this.
    Nancy Leiser
  • Posted Jan 2003--
    I am looking for information on my ancestors, Jens Jacob JOHNSON and Sarah (SYVERINE) JOHNSON (JOHANSDATTER). I have information about who their parents and grandparents were. I was told that Jens Jacob JOHNSON was once sheriff of Jackson County; I'm wondering if anyone can authenticate that information or not.
    Anne L. Nelson
  • Posted Mar 2003--
    Searching for information on the family of Dr. C.R. KELLAM in Heron Lake, MN. He and family are found on 1880 Census. Wife Mary, and known children are Albert Clayton (married Susan NELSON of Heron Lake), William, and Alice.
  • Posted Mar 2003--
    I would like to know if anyone has access to the marriage records for 1953? I am trying to find the marriage of my grandfather and his second wife who was his sister-in-law. Therefore it would be listed as LOVERINK and LOVERINK. His name was Tom LOVERINK and hers would be Bertha LOVERINK. I've been searching for this marriage for years now and any help would be very deeply appreciated.
    Margie M. Buckmaster
  • Posted Jan 2003--
    NOTE: As of 2015, the following email link to Rich Sabatka no longer is valid...unknown email address.
    I am interested in finding information about the SABATKA surname. The family lived in Jackson around the turn of the century. My great grandfather was Martin SABATKA, Louis was my grandfather. I have very little information concerning the several SABATKA families who lived in the area.
    Rich Sabatka
  • Posted Jan 2003--
    I am looking for more information on the following family from the 1880 MN census. They may have been in Lyra township, Blue Earth County, MN in 1875.
    Wilhelmine SCHMIDT, Wife, 40, PRUSSIA, Keeping House, PRUSSIA, PRUSSIA
    Herman E. SCHMIDT, Son, 19, PRUSSIA
    Emma W. SCHMIDT, Dau, 17, PRUSSIA
    Census Place: Christiania, Jackson, Minnesota, Family History Library Film 1254624, NA Film Number T9-0624, Page Number 497A
    Ron Davis
  • Posted Mar 2002--
    Searching for Lakefield family, unknown name. My name is Vince Ash and I live in Buckley, WA. I recently came across two old diaries- 1886, 1887. They are not from my family, but what I can gather a woman who lived in a town near Lakefield in 1886-1887, unfortuneatly at no time does she mention her name or the name of the town. She does however talk about taking the train to Lakefield occassionaly. However, they ran a gristmill on a river south of Lakeview, and were fairly well known and well to do from what I can gather. Further in 1886, she ran for the Senate so perhaps she is someone well known or known of in your area. I realize I have given you very little to go on, however as I continue to read the diaries I may be able to send you more information. I do know that her brother or cousin came out west on the narrow gauge railroad in 1887 to Spokane Falls, WA and finally settled somewhere near Ferndale,WA. His name was W.H. GILBERT. I would like to return these diaries to someone who is a descendant of hers as I am sure they would like to have them. Any assistance you can give would be appeciated.
    Vince Ash
  • Posted Jun 2002--
    I am interested in information regarding my grandparents, Taylor Arthur ALEXANDER and Jennie Kane ALEXANDER who lived in Heron Lake in 1895.
    Rosalie Alexander Loveland
  • Posted Nov 2002--
    I am searching for some of my ancestors from Jackson County with the following surnames: ANDERSON, GRANTZS, HRUBYS, SCHLAGERS. I would greatly appreciate any information, as I am just beginning my search. I have also posted a photo of my grandparents Irene GURITZ and George TUSA (and classmates) taken at the one room school house that used to stand between our farm and my grandma's (1/4 mile away) which was the home of School District #55 in Middletown Township. Becky Parker
  • Posted Jun 2002--
    Lloyd BALCH son of Helma JOHNSON and Benjamin BALCH, b in Heron Lake area graduated from Heron Lake High School in the forties. d 1974 in Portland OR. Seeking info on Lloyds first wife Collen from Windom MN. and his son "Sompoi" BALCH from second marriage to Charileau ? Help appreciated and thanks.
    Mary Balch
  • Posted Aug 2002--
    I am looking for information on Heinrich BASTMANN. He came over from Gemrany 1 APR 1906 at the age of 15. He was born in Burg auf Famharn Germany. He came to an uncle Johaunes KLIUOER (or KLIUVER) on a farm at Round Lake, Minn.
    Stan B
  • Posted Jan 2002--
    Like a lot of people I have a copy of Lakefield's first 100 years published I believe in 1979. My great grandfather was August BLANKENBURGH was the first veterinarian in Lakefield and one of the first in Jackson country. He moved to Lakefield in 1890 from Minier IL. He emigrated to the U.S. through Boston to the U.S. in 1872. He was born in Rozainen (West Prussia--now Poland) in 1839. My grandfather August BLANKENBURGH (his son) was also a Veterinarian. Both are buried in the Lakefield cemetary as is my father. I am currently trying to trace the West Prussian part of my great grandfather's family.
    Brian Blankenburg
  • Posted May 2002--
    I am interested in knowning the family line of Mr. BONTRAGER. The little bit of informatin that I know is that he owns or did own 160 acers of land in Jackson, MN which was purchased/given to him in 1871. We would also like to know who is currently residing on that land if possible. Thanks.
    the Blackwell's
  • Posted Jul 2002--
    Researching my gr. gr.grandfather, Vaclav BULINE, who moved to Jackson County, MN in 1885 from Washington County, Iowa. His wife was Annie Lumuel MOLIS BULINE. His son, Frank Rosoce lived with them. Another daughter, Kate married a L. HRUBY and lived in Estherville, Iowa.
    M Hogan
  • Posted Sep 2002--
    I am searching for information on these families; 1. James Franklin CASE and his wife Mary Jane MANNING. Lived in Wilder beginning in the 1880's sometime and family rumors say they had a boarding house there. James is buried in the cemetary in Wilder and was a Civil War Veteren. 2. George Case a son of James F. CASE, married Marie/Mary NELSON/NEILSEN, 1882 at the County seat at Windom in 1882. 3. Ole MOE was a brother of Marie/Mary NELSON/NEILSEN and married ? and had children Oscar, Norman, Sara? and Clara and removed to the Dakotas. 4. Christina NELSON/NEILSEN , was a sister to Ole and Mary NELSON, married ? Cajacob and removed at some point to Mille Laks Lake area, MN. I believe before this they resided Heron Lake near Wilder. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Pam Leder Marie
  • Posted Mar 2002--
    Someone emailed me regarding a lookup in the "Memorial Record of Faribault, Martin, Watonwan and Jackson Counties, Minnesota." Later that day, my computer crashed, and I lost all unanswered emails. The subjects of the lookup request were COHOON/CAHOON and WILLEY, as I recall. Since I don't have the requester's name/address, I will post the findings here in hopes that the person still gets an answer. The findings were very meager unfortunately. No CAHOON/COHOON is mentioned in the book. And only one WILLEY. The entry is within a bio sketch on Perrin M. Marston, and says, "Perrin M. Marston was born in the province of Quebec, Canada, June 30, 1855, the youngest son of the seven children of Samuel and Sarah (WILLEY) Marston." (page 545). I'm sorry I was not able to help.
    K & M Jenstad
  • Posted Oct 2002--
    I am looking for information on Frank Joseph DOYSCHER , born abt 1828, and his wife Katherine, born abt 1829 who lived in Petersburg around 1880 after moving there from the town of Hortonia, Outagamie, Wisconsin. I'm particuarly interested in his date of death, where he is buried and how to get a copy of his death certificate. I think that he is from the Dorschner family that immigrated from Austria in the mid 1800's to live in Wisconsin and I'm trying to find the connection. There was also an Anton Dorschner who might be a possible brother that also moved to Petersburg from Wisconsin about the same time as Frank. Any help appreciated.
    Scott Dorschner
  • Posted Jun 2002--
    I'm looking for the family line and any other information on Anna EIDHAMMER, born in 1883 in Heron Lake. She married Arthur PETERSON in Heron Lake in 1901. Thanks
    Keith Peterson
  • Posted May 2002--
    I have transcribed the biography and obituary of Nathaniel FROST and biography for his son Moses FROST. I would very much like to learn whether there are any descendants of this family still in Jackson Co.
    Lucille Gano
  • Posted Jan 2002--
    I'm looking for information on Halvor HALVORSON, he settled in Jackson county, Minnesota in 1864. He came with his wife Alice and children from Kragro, Norway. This would be my great great Grandfather. I'm not sure if he died there, but he did have a homestead there. Any help would be appreciated.
    Jackie Bieniek
  • Posted May 2002--
    I am searching for information on Joseph KATTOWSKY and Mary JANASKO.
    Vern Dorschner
  • Posted Jul 2002--
    Seeking info concerning, Christ, Anna Marie, Maggie and Sarah Klevberg. I know they were in Jackson County in 1900. Maggie and Sarah were born in the 1870 s. Thank you.
    Jeannette Klevberg
  • Posted Mar 2002--
    I am researching the LARSEN surname in Jackson county Minnesota. I have a copy of the 1900 US census for Ewington Township. It has some of my family on it. One of the people listed is Lars OLSON. It appears that he is the father of George LARSEN. I have heard that the family was made to change their name when they emigrated. If this is correct he would be my great great grandfather. I am waiting on more information to confirm this. They emigrated from Denmark around 1884. Other branches of the family include Oscar and Harry LARSEN. I also have a fairly good family tree printout for the Clinton PIGMAN family of the same or a nearby township. It traces the family back to 1661 in Great Pardon, Essex, England. The name there is John PIGMAN. This was done on the family of my great aunt Cordelia FLEWELLING. The FLEWELLING family is also traced back to the 1600's.
    Larry L. Larsen
  • Posted Sep 2002--
    My great grandparents (Polly DODGE NICHOLS and Albert NICHOLS) lived in Heron Lake MN in 1880 as their daughter (Emma Eunice NICHOLS) was married in their home on Feb 1, 1880, to Edwin Matthew GREENMAN. Albert NICHOLS was a justice of the peace at the time. I am trying to discover the names of the parents of Polly DODGE and Albert NICHOLS. Emma NICHOLS was born in 1861 and Edwin GREENMAN was born in Quincy Ill on Oct 19, 1853. Any clues would be appreciated.
    Lucy Hornbaker
  • Posted Jul 2002--
    I am most interested in finding information on my Grandfather, Joseph Henry NOURSE (or NURSE), My Grandmother Flora Celley NOURSE (or NURSE). They farmed a few miles out of Jackson near the Des Moines river where the railroad trestle crossed (at that time). I guess the Interstate goes near there now. Also, My Uncle Water (Wally) NURSE (or NOURSE) farmed there for many years. My grandfather died in 1971. Any help you could give would be much appreciated. (My mother was Wilma Jane NURSE)
    Everett A. Shogren
  • Posted Mar 2002--
    I am looking for Jane SEVERSON OLSON and A. J. OLSON, sorry I don't know what the initials stand for. According to a sister's (Inga SEVERSON BLY) obituary they were living in Jackson in 1949. Previous obituaries said they were living in Mower, Minn. Would like confirmation that they were living in Jackson and possible obituaries.
    Judy Huber
  • Posted Oct 2002--
    I have just started to work on the history of the family of Wilhelm SIEHL. His wife's name was Marie SUHL. They came from Heide, Germany in approx. 1884. They had a farm in Sioux Valley which they sold prior to 1910, and thereafter lived in Lake Park, Iowa. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done work tracing this family in either direction.
    a href="mailto:achterm@teleport.com">Chris Achterman
  • Posted Sep 2002--
    Jeremiah {Jerry} Sullivan born in Ireland 1851 and died in Eveleth, Minnesota but was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Sept 1907. He was an Iron miner and was killed by a car while at work. His wife was Mary Shea Sullivan 1857-1941.
    Traci Foster
  • Posted Jun 2002--
    I am researching my husband's Gr-Grandfather, Henry THIELVOLDT and his wife's brother's family, Jochim PUCK. They lived on adjacent farms in Sioux Valley. Henry served in many capacities in Jackson Co. from 1882 until his death in 1937. He was Township Supervisor, Township clerk, J.P., Assessor, and School Board member. Another surname in Sioux Valley would be Henry's daughter, Amanda SCHOELLERMAN who ran a general store there for many years.
    Jo Westendorf Banks
  • Posted Aug 2002--
    Looking for ancestors who came to America from Norway. There was a Carl THORESEN who was born Oct. 4, 1893, and died in Jackson in February of 1982 who might be related to my family. My THORESEN ancestors have been traced to Waseca (Carl THORESEN, born there in late 1890) That family left Waseca and settled in Minneapolis. His mother, Anna, died in Minneapolis in 1927 and his father Andrew (born in Norway in 1854) died in the Armistice Day (Nov. 11) blizzard of 1940. Is there anyone who can help with this family?
    Tormod Thoresen
  • Posted Apr 2002--
    Looking for information on Harry WIESE, first wife Caryll THOMPSON, from Sioux Valley. Thanks for your help. Had no luck on the ancestry search engines.
    Lawrence Juell
  • Posted Jan 2002--
    I am looking for any information on the WITTSTRUCK family of MN. I found a Clifford M. WITTSTRUCK listed as a pastor who served from 1949-1958 at the United Methodist Church of Lakefield, MN. Would love to get in touch with any WITTSTRUCKs or anyone that knows of them.
    Diana Wittstruck

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