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Jackson County, MN

Below is a list of surnames with ties to Jackson Co currently being researched, or is already documented. Please contact the person listed with the surname for specific inquiries regarding research. Note: In the "details" box you may see a date (i.e. Aug2007) which indicates either a date the contact person's email address was verified, the surname was posted, or a change in information was made. Do not be discouraged if no date is present. Each year around New Years, I send a verification email to all addresses listed below to confirm valid email addresses. If you received an undeliverable email from anyone below or would like to add or remove information or a surname, click here to email me at mnjackso@gmail.com.

Suggestion: In the "details" portion of the columns below, I suggest more information other than just a township name. I have received several obituary clippings for Jackson Co which may not necessarily mention a township name. Please elaborate on a few more details if possible.

If you would like to post a personal webpage link pertaining to your genealogy, I would be happy to include it in the below list. The only restriction is the website not be associated with a business. Click here to email me at mnjackso@gmail.com if you would like to add a link. Be sure to include any surname(s) associated with your site. There also must be some connection to Jackson County with any of the members in your family tree.

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Person Researching
ADEN Lori Hoper
Descendants of Hinrich (Henry) Mennen Aden. (July20007
ANDERSON Becky Parker
ARNTSON Kathryn Kelly Belmont Twp, village of Jackson (Oct2007)
BAILEY Jean and Len Copple Village of Jackson, 1865-1901. Also connections to Bromaghim, Wheeler, Wood. (Nov2007)
BAKALYAR Michelle Pearson Lakefield and Hunter Twp, Jackson Co, MN. 1898-1980s
BASAK Lori Fortner Vaclav BASAK (pronounced BUSHEK) (May2007)
BENOIT Ken McColm I am seeking info on my Great-Grandfather, Frank (Francois) Benoit who lived in Lakefield, Mn a few years in 1877, 1878 where they had 2 children born then moved to Sioux Valley Tnsp. While in Sioux Valley they had 7 more children, 3 of whom died in a house fire on 6 May 1886. My question, was Frank's father and mother living there by them? I believe his name was Jean (John) Benoit, born in France and came to Canada in 1835. (Jan2008)
BETLACH Lori Fortner Emil BETLACH b 1856 in Bohemia, wife Theresa Sarah Tracy CERHAN (May2007)
BOYD Connie Yates Lakefield 1895, West Heron Lake Nov. 14, 1891
BREDULL Sandra Tennyson John and Anna Bredull were listed on the 1910 census living in Sioux Valley, Jackson county, MN. Anna's maiden name was Peterson/Petersen.
They immigrated in 1865, first to Iowa and then Minnesota.
BROMAGHIM Jean and Len Copple Also connections to Bailey, Wheeler, Wood. (Nov2007)
CADY Greg Cady Researching. Burt E. Cady family lived in Jackson. (Sep2010)
CUNNINGHAM Karolyn Simpson Cunningham, lived at Heron Lake. George Burton Cunningham & wife, Christena Herman. Their children were: Dudley, Lloyd, Orville, Raymond, Blanche, Frederick, and Bertha. (Apr2007)
DONWEN / DOSTAL Donwen webpage
Dostal webpage
Donwen and Dostal genealogy.
Pages also include surnames Blizek, Eckert, Soucek, Verdick from Jackson Co. (July2008)
DORSCHNER / DOYSCHER Scott Dorschner Petersburg from 1880
DUNAI Steven Ukasick Rost, Hunter, Sioux Valley and Minneota townships around 1900. (Aug2007)
DZIEMIELA Steven Ukasick Rost, Hunter, Sioux Valley and Minneota townships around 1900. (Aug2007)
ENDEWARD Joanne (Kahn) Becker Researching the Hecht and Endeward family in U.S. and Germany (Mar 2008)
GERDES Colleen Boose John GERDES - Helen HEIKE GERDES - Hie Fredrick GERDES Ewington Twp1900 - 1942.
GIESEL Tom Giesel Looking for information on Frederick Giesel who was the father of Walter and Charles Giesel who both lived in Jackson County. (Jan2014)
GOMBOS Steven Ukasick Rost, Hunter, Sioux Valley and Minneota townships around 1900. (Aug2007)
GRANTZ Becky Parker
GREIN Caroleen Kelly Also connections to Bieber and Schultz(Mar2012)
GRIMES Bill Grimes Windom and Heron Lake
HAGER Judy Olson Looking for anyone with John Hager, LaCrosse, Jackson Co., connections. I believe his wife's name was Katherine/Catherine. He may be my G-G-Grandfather. He and Katherine were shown as parents on my G-Grandmother's burial record. I do know my G-Grandmother Mary Theresa (HAGER) Fried had relatives in Jackson Co. and in the Lime Creek area. I believe there was a Mrs. Walter Shea who may be a cousin of Mary's children. (Jun2007)
HECHT Joanne (Kahn) Becker Researching the Hecht and Endeward family in U.S. and Germany (Mar 2008)
HINTHORNE 9416462088@msn.com born Jackson 1896
HOHENSTEIN Joanne (Kahn) Becker Some Hohensteins also connected to the same family in Pommern (Jan 2011)
HRUBY Becky Parker
HUSBY Kathryn Kelly Belmont twp, village of Jackson (Oct2007)
HUTZLER djreimer Searching Hutzlers buried in Heron Lake Cemetery (May2011)
JANESKO Vern Dorschner Mary JANASKO and Joseph KATTOWSKY, late 1800s.
JOHNSON Cindy Roberts Olof Fredrick Johnson (Fred) & Charlotte (Andersdotter)Anderson immigrated from Vase, Sweden in 1887 to Jackson County,MN ..10 children born to this couple with 5 generations back into Sweden. We have been collecting the families obituraries and death certificates. (Apr2007)
KAHN Joanne (Kahn) Becker Researching the Friedrich Kahn and Augusta Rowe family, both in the U.S. and in Germany (Mar 2008)
KATTOWSKY Vern Dorschner Joseph KATTOWSKY and Mary JANASKO, late 1800s.
KATUS / KATUSCIAK Michelle Pearson Lakefield, Jackson, MN. 1890s-?
KELLAM MaryEllen Dr. C.R. KELLAM 1880 Heron Lake, MN
KYLLO Kathryn Kelly Enterprise twp (Oct2007)
LARSEN Larry L Larson Ewington and nearby townships
LECOCQ Darrell Dixon Louis J LeCocq had an 80 acre piece in Township 102 Section 12 West half of the NW quarter. This places him and his family on 8/1/1883 with a land grant about two miles north of Jackson in Des Moines township. I'm looking for anyone who may know the family or name. (May2008)
LEIGHTY Vicki Barry I am working on surnames Leighton, Moratzka(e), Rue, Smaby (Feb2008)
LIBRA The Miller Family Unknown Township
MACHOWICZ Steven Ukasick Rost, Hunter, Sioux Valley and Minneota townships around 1900. (Aug2007)
MARKS Alan Clark Seward MARKS d. Apr 1980
MATASOVSKY Michelle Pearson Lakefield, Jackson, MN. 1890s-?
MATUSKA Lori Fortner Joseph MATUSKA b.1843 in Bohemia, wife Marie BASAK (May2007)
METJEKA Lori Fortner I have some information on the METJEKA family. (May2007)
MEYERS/MYERS Karolyn Simpson Meyers/Myers, lived at Heron Lake. William Henry Meyers & wife, Lois Cunningham. Their children were: Addie, Esther, Ruby, Maude, Hershel/Hurshell, Raymond, Evelyn and Frederick. Note: Lois Cunningham and George Cunningham were siblings. (Apr2007)
MORATZKA(E) Vicki Barry I am working on surnames Leighton, Moratzka(e), Rue, Smaby (Feb2008)
MORGAN Melissa Hvidsten
My website
Richard and Susan (EDWARDS) MORGAN, Round Lake
NAUSCHUTZ (Carl) Larry Langer Died 1940 Lakefield, MN
NEITSEL (Carl) Janean Mckay Searching for obituary or any other information about Augusta Neitsel, died age 100, at Lakefield, MN (Feb 2015)
NELSON MaryEllen Albert Clayton KELLAM married Susan NELSON of Heron Lake
NURSE / NOURSE Everett Shogren lived ouside Jackson near the Des Moines River
PAULSEN Connie Schwindt Rumold Am looking for information on my Great Great Great Grandmother, Carrie Paulsen, and her Daughter, Pauline M Madsen (husband Niels Madsen). Originally from Denmark, they moved to area of Jackson County MN from Nebraska, also had 10 children that all grew up in the Jackson area. Carrie Paulsen moved to MN to be with her daughter, Pauline, from Nebraska after her husband died in 1884. I believe he died in 1912 in Jackson County, MN. My mother remembers that her daughter, Pauline, died in 1949. My Great Great GrandFather, Jens Peter Paulsen is buried in Nebraska along with his son, Hans Christian Jensen.
PETERSON Kathryn Kelly Enterprise twp (Oct2007)
POWERS Colleen Boose Lindle Washington POWERS and Mary Louise SHEPARD POWERS Sioux Valley Twp 1885 - 1923.
PRIBYL Lori Fortner Albert PRIBYL b. March 1846 in Wittingau, Bohemia wife Mary KORANDA (May2007)
PUCK Jo Westendorf Banks Jochim PUCK, Sioux Valley (Nov2007)
RADKE Erin Andrews Lakefield (Nov2007)
RAKNESS Thomas Rakness Alpha area
REE Kathryn Kelly Belmont twp, village of Jackson (Oct2007)
ROWE Joanne (Kahn) Becker Researching the Friedrich Kahn and Augusta Rowe family, both in the U.S. and in Germany (Mar 2008)
RODINA Margaret Rodina Belmont Township, Section One (Mar2010)
RUE Vicki Barry I am working on surnames Leighton, Moratzka(e), Rue, Smaby (Feb2008)
SCHLAGER Jennifer Beatty Unknown township 1888 - present (Nov 2007)
SCHLAGER Becky Parker
SCHOELLERMAN Jo Westendorf Banks ran a General Store Sioux Valley (Nov2007)
SCHMIDT Ron Davis Edward SCHMIDT, 1880 Christiania
SLEGER Jennifer Beatty Unknown township 1888 - 1906 (Nov 2007)
SMABY Vicki Barry I am working on surnames Leighton, Moratzka(e), Rue, Smaby (Feb2008)
STINAR Michelle Pearson Lakefield, Jackson, 1890s-?
STODDARD Nancy Luther Searching for Thomas Stoddard. He lived in Minneota Township, Jackson County, Minn. He died there 16 Feb. 1884. Cannot find a burial place for him. If there were other Stoddard’s there at the time they were related. Thomas was born about 1794 in Conn. Wife Clarissa died before 1850. They had children: Henry T, John, and Eliza.
SULLIVAN Traci Foster 1857-1941
THIELVOLDT Jo Westendorf Banks Henry THIELVOLDT, Sioux Valley (see also WIESE) (Nov2007)
TOMPKINS Red D Looking for AB Tompkins and wife Lois Belden..buried 1884 near Jackson, MN (Feb 2015)
TRAVNICEK Jennifer Beatty I'm researching surname TRAVNICEK as a collateral line. I'm hoping to find a death record of Wenzel/Vaclav TRAVNICEK who married Petronella SCHLAGER in Feb 1895. I think Wenzel/Vaclav died in 1896 but have not found an official record. There was also a baby TRAVNICEK who was born/died in 1896. I don't know who were the parents of this baby. Any help is appreciated. (Nov 2007)
TUSA Becky Parker George and Irene GRUITZ TUSA, Middletown Township
UKASICK Steven Ukasick Rost, Hunter, Sioux Valley and Minneota townships around 1900. (Aug2007)
VACURA Lori Hoper
Descendants of Jan and Barbara Vacura (Vancura), from Bohemia. (Jul2007)
VOSHAGE Jeanette Colligan August Voshage and Lena Sneer (Schnier) of Kimball Township. Actually looking for more information on Lena and her parents. (May2016)
WASKO Michelle Pearson Lakefield, Jackson, MN. 1890s-?
WENDEL Randy Wendel I have researched WENDEL in SW Minnesota and Hawarden, IA. I'm interesting in learning more about Wendel's in Davenport IA (Scott Co) who emigrated from Fehmarn, Germany. (Nov2007)
WESTERMAN Peg Curtis Around Heron Lake and Windom; late 1800's and early 1900's. (Nov2007)
WHEELER Jean and Len Copple Also connections to Bailey, Bromaghim, Wood. (Nov2007)
WIESE Jo Westendorf Banks In 1895 Dora Wiese became the second wife of Henry Thielvoldt. Her children were Howard and Emil WIESE and Harry, Clara and Leonard THIELVOLDT (see also THIELVOLDT (Nov2007)
WIESE Lawrence Juell Harry WIESE, first wife Caryll THOMPSON, from Sioux Valley
WOOD Jean and Len Copple Also connections to Bailey, Bromaghim, Wheeler. (Nov2007)
ZEBEDEE The Miller Family Petersburg Township, 1888 - 1900

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