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Jackson Co, MN
Towns and Township

In the list below you will find a list of towns and townships located in Jackson County, MN. Next to each town/township, you will find some general information regarding that location. Visit the maps page to see the location of these towns and townships.

If you have corrections or additions for this page, click here to email me at mnjackso@gmail.com.

Town / Township
Alba Township Organized September 21, 1872


Located in Wisconsin Township, sections 11-14, platted in 1895 and incorporated July 3, 1899

Belmont Township

Organized January 5, 1867 named for a Norwegian settler

Bergen Township

see Delafield Township


Village in section 24 of Christiania Township.


Village in Belmont Township, section 28, established in 1875 as a Norwegian settlement and named for brothers Ole A. and Bredey A. Brown.

Christiania Township

Organized March 4, 1871

Delafield Township

Organized October 11, 1870, first called Pleasant Prairie, then Orwell and Bergen. Then, named Delafield on March 4, 1871.

Des Moines Township

Organized April 2, 1866

Desmoin Lake

Village in Des Moines Township, first settled before 1857; only a few buildings were erected; no trace remains.

Eden Township

see Weimer Township

Enterprise Township

Organized March 4, 1871 was named in accordance with the suggestion of Samuel D. Lockwood and Anders Roe, early settlers of this township.

Ewington Township

Organized March 28, 1873 and was named for Thomas C. Ewing and family, who were its first settlers.

Frog Point

see Belmont Township

Heron Lake

A city in sections 19 and 30 of Weimer Township was platted in June 1872 by the Sioux City and St. Paul Railroad and was incorporated as a village on November 17, 1881.

Heron Lake Township

Organized September 7, 1870

Hunter Township

Organized February 13, 1872, was named in honor of James Wilson Hunter.


City in Des Moines Township, sections 23-26, and the county seat.

Jackson Township

see DesMoins Township

Kimball Township

Organized March 23, 1872, was named in honor of Wilbur S. Kimball.

La Crosse Township

Organized in September 1872


City located at the border of Heron Lake and Hunter Townships, founded in 1879.

Middletown Township

Between Petersburg and Minneota, was organized May 10, 1869


Village in section 35 of La Crosse Township.

Minneota Township

Organized October 15, 1866


Village located in Minneota Township around 1940


Village in sections 21 and 22 of Kimball Township.


City in sections 7 and 8 of West Heron Lake Township, was founded in September 1879

Orwell Township

see Delafield Township

Petersburg Township

Organized April 2, 1866, named for Rev. Peter Baker who settled in this township in 1860.


The village in section 28 was settled in the 1870s and platted in 1898; its post office operated 1867-1967.

Pleasant Prairie Township

see Delafield Township

Rost Township

Organized February 3, 1874, was named in honor of Frederick Rost, an early settler who came there in 1869.

Round Lake Township

Organized in October 1869

Sioux Valley Township

Organized February 27, 1874


see Jackson

Swastika Beach

Village in section 5 of Christiania Township

Weimer Township

Organized May 27, 1871. First called Eden then changed to Weimer on October 20, 1871

West Heron Lake Township

Organized January 7, 1874


City in sections 6 and 7 of Delafield Township, was located and named in November 1871 for Amherst Holcomb Wilder.

Wisconsin Township

Organized April 10, 1869

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