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Jackson Co, MN
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Weimer Township, Jackson Co, MN

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Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery...

sacred sacred
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery
    -Michael Kirchmeier photo

  • becker nicholas katherine nicholas john
  • BECKER family
    Nicholas and Katherine, sons Nicholas and John
    -photos courtesy Joanne Meyer

  • Louis son
  • BECKER family
    Louie and Gertrude, son Leon
    -photos courtesy Joanne Meyer

  • frank lorinda
  • BECKER, Frank and Lorinda
    Lorinda passed away 2005 (this photo pre-2005)
    -photos courtesy Joanne Meyer

  • richard
  • BECKER, Richard and Helen
    -photo courtesy Joanne Meyer

  • behrenfeld_john_anna_headstone
  • BEHRENFELD, John and Anna
    John 1822-1897 and Anna (Scheuble) 1835-1889 had 10 children, 9 of whom survived: Lena (Jenneke), Emma (Bergman), Bertha (Miller), George, Emil, Ida (Coyour), Fredericka (Hanson), Otto and Theodore. George (and his wife) are buried in this cemetery (see this page), and Bertha (and her husband) and Theodore are buried in Heron Lake City Cemetery, next to each other (see Heron Lake City Cemetery, P.1). John built the first hotel in Waconia, MN, and was in the Civil War, MN 5th Regiment Infantry, in 1862. His biography can be found here.

    -photos courtesy Susan Behrenfeld Gulstad Nov 2010

  • behrenfeld_george_louise_headstone
  • BEHRENFELD, George and Louise
    George 1862-1943 (son of John and Anna Behrenfeld) and Louise (Pawlitshek) 1867-1947 had 6 children: Mabel (Smith), Beatrice (Franks), Eva Marie (Lindquist) Cyril (or John Cyril), Raymond, and Mary Ann (Amland). Daughter Mabel is buried in this cemetery with her husband, Alfred Smith, and son, Leonard Smith (see this page). Louise was the daughter of John and Eva (Bartosh) Pawlitshek (see this page).

    -photos courtesy Susan Behrenfeld Gulstad Nov 2010

  • henkels
  • HENKELS family plot stone
    Great-Great Grandmother and Great-Grandmother of the photographer are located here.
    Two Henkels children died in July of 1885 of diptheria...some of the oldest burials in the cemetery.
    -Mike Kirchmeier photo

  • knott_joseph_roselia
  • KNOTT, Joseph and Roselia (Pelzel)
    Joseph's father and brother both homesteaded in Southbrook Tnsp (Cottonwood Co)
    -Mike Kirchmeier photo

  • liepold_walter_agatha_clayton_headstone
  • LIEPOLD, Walter 1904-1997 and Agatha 1915- , son Clayton 1945-

    -photo courtesy Janell Leopold

  • mathias_plot
  • MATHIAS family plot
    The tombstone marks the family plot for the John Mathias family. John was a very successful immigrant from Luxembourg who homesteaded in Southbrook Township (neighboring Cottonwood Co). He married my great grandmothers sister Elizabeth Jentgen. The tombstone was actually placed and is inscribed for his son Joseph Mathias. Joseph was one of 7 victims of the 1903 tornado which hit primarily Lacrosse Township of Jackson Co and Springfield and Great Bend townships of Cottonwood Co. It wasn't a good day for Catholics...4 are buried at Sacred Heart and 3 are buried at St. Francis Xavier in Windom (Cottonwood Co).
    -Mike Kirchmeier photo

  • pawlitshek_john_eva_john_headstone
  • PAWLITSHEK, John and Eva (Bartosh)
    John 1833-1925 and Eva (Bartosh) 1832-1905 had 4 children: John, Jr., Amelia, Louise (Behrenfeld), and Pauline (Anderson). Son John Jr. 1859-1887 and daughter Louise Behrenfeld are buried in this cemetery, John with his parents and Louise with her husband, George Behrenfeld (see this page).

    -photos courtesy Susan Behrenfeld Gulstad Nov 2010

  • john_schneider
  • SCHNEIDER, John , homesteader from Southbrook Tnsp, Cottonwood Co.
    -Mike Kirchmeier photo

  • beata_servus_marker beata_servus_marker
  • Servus, Beata, one of the oldest burials in the cemetery.
    Mike Kirchmeier photo

  • smith_alfred_mabel_headstone.jpeg smith_leonard_headstone.jpeg
  • Smith, Alfred and Mabel
  • Smith, Leonard
    Alfred 1883-1962 and Mabel 1890-1978 (Behrenfeld) had 5 children: George, Leonard, Maxine (Winter), Virginia (Hart), and Mary Jean (Trampaklos). Son Leonard 1922-1953 is buried in this cemetery. Mabel was the daughter of George and Louise Behrenfeld (see this page) and grand-daughter of John and Anna Behrenfeld (see this page).

    -photos courtesy Susan Behrenfeld Gulstad Nov 2010

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    May 2011