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Jackson Co, MN
Heron Lake City Cemetery, Heron Lake Township, Jackson Co, MN

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Heron Lake City Cemetery...("Lakeside Cemetery")

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heron_lake_cemetery_north_end.jpg heron_lake_cemetery_north_end_along_duck_lake.jpg heron_lake_cemetery_view_from_back.jpg
  • Heron Lake City Cemetery
    Located on north side of Heron Lake/Hwy 60, SW corner of Duck Lake
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photos

  • nelson_andrew_headstone.jpg nelson_family_headstone.jpg nelson_father_headstone.jpg nelson_herman_and_bertha_headstone.jpg nelson_john_1836_britta_1844_headstone.jpg nelson_johnson_gina_1872_1900_headstone.jpg nelson_mother_headstone.jpg nelson_unknown_1832_1880_headstone.jpg nelson_unknown_headstone.jpg
  • Nelson
    Andrew, Family marker, father, Herman and Bertha, John and Britta, Johnson Gina, mother, unknown 1832-1880, unknown
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • nelson_headstone.jpg nelson_hugbert.jpg nelson_paul_e_headstone.jpg
  • Nelson
    Marker, Hugbert, Paul E.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • olson__c_four_names_unreadible_headstone_b.jpg olson_four_names_unreadible_headstone_a.jpg olson_four_names_unreadible_headstone_c.jpg olson_four_names_unreadible_headstone_d.jpg olson_julia_1882_1915_headstone.jpg olson_karl_g_anna_m_headstone.jpg olson_wife_of_julia_headstone.jpg
  • Olson
    Four-sided headstone...Mauda O., daughter of C. Olson, Born 24 Sept 1891 Died 7 Sept 1892, Julia 1882-1915 (wife of Gust), Karl (Charley) G. and Anna M., wife
    (add'l info provided by Greg Hanson 8apr2011)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • paulson_b_bert_headstone.jpg paulson_b_father_headstone.jpg paulson_b_guy_elizabeth_headstone.jpg paulson_b_howard_m_headstone.jpg paulson_b_mary_headstone.jpg paulson_b_mother_headstone.jpg
  • Paulson
    Bert, father, Guy and Elizabeth, Howard M., Mary, mother
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • paulson_a_k_mrs_and_george_headstone.jpg paulson_adela_headstone.jpg paulson_family_headstone.jpg paulson_family_headstone.jpg paulson_unreadible_heastone.jpg paulson_violette_headstone.jpg
  • Paulson
    Family marker, Sylvanus, unreadible, Violette
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • perry_annabelle_headstone.jpg perry_caroline_headstone.jpg perry_ralph_headstone.jpg perry_unreadible_headstone.jpg
  • Perry
    Annabelle E. (daughter), Caroline A. (mother), Ralph, unreadible
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • peterson_emma_headstone.jpg peterson_family_headstone.jpg peterson_father_headstone.jpg peterson_inga_headstone.jpg peterson_mary_headstone.jpg peterson_mother_headstone.jpg peterson_ole_anna_m_headstone.jpg
  • Peterson
    Emma, Family marker, father, Inga, Mary, mother, Ole and Anna
    (Inga and Mary were sisters)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • peterson_ansel_headstone.jpg peterson_rachel_headstone.jpg
  • Peterson
    Ansel, Rachel (wife of Ansel)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • plasterer_albert_headstone.jpg plasterer_alvera_l_headstone.jpg plasterer_charles_l_headstone.jpg plasterer_george_myrtle_headstone.jpg plasterer_margaret_herr_headstone.jpg
  • Plasterer
    Albert, Alvera L., Charles L., George and Myrtle, Margaret Herr
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • poppitz_antonia_headstone.jpg poppitz_bruno_headstone.jpg poppitz_durard_e_headstone.jpg poppitz_headstones.jpg
  • Poppitz
    Antonia, Bruno, Durard E., row of Poppitz headstones
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • raines_floyd_dorothy_headstone.jpg raines_harry_nancy_headstone.jpg raines_john_headstone.jpg raines_mary_headstone.jpg raines_unreadible_headstone.jpg
  • Raines
    Floyd A. and Dorothy V., Harry W. and Nancy V., John (Father), Mary A. (Mother), unreadible 1889-1905
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • rasnussen_christian_headstone.jpg rasnussen_unknown_2sides.jpg
  • Rasnessen
    Christian, unknown, (2-sided stone)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • ray_pp_rev_headstone.jpg
  • Ray
    Rev. P.P.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • reeves_louisJ_emma_helen_HElizabeth_headstone.jpg
  • Reeves
    Louis J. (father), Emma E. (mother), Helen L., H.Elizabeth
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • robertsen_anne_1850_1883_headstone.jpg
  • Robertsen
    Anne 1850-1883
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • robson_bertha_headstone.jpg robson_john_2_of_3_sides_unreadible_headstone.jpg robson_john_3_of_3_sides_unreadible_headstone.jpg robson_john_1824_1893_1_of_3_sides_headstone.jpg robson_julius_headstone.jpg
  • Robson
    Bertha, side unreadible, side unreadible, John 1824-1893, Julius 1973
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • rogness_mary_headstone.jpg
  • Rogness
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • rossing_fredricka_headstone.jpg
  • Rossing
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • schultz_headstone.jpg schultz_headstones.jpg schultz_henriette_r_1859_1892_headstone.jpg schultz_henriette_r_headstone.jpg
  • Schultz
    Henriette R. 1859-1892, headstones
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • seleen_lester_headstone.jpg seleen_ole_o_headstone.jpg seleen_surname_unconfirmed_ruth_angeline_1905_1921_headstone.jpg seleen_unknown_headstone.jpg seleen_unreadible_1_headstone.jpg seleen_unreadible_2_headstone.jpg
  • Seleen
    Fred J. and Anna, Lester, Ruth Angeline 1905-1921 (unconfirmed if Seleen), unknown, unreadible, unreadible
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • selnfs_sophia_headstone.jpg
  • Selnfs
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • sivesind_antonett_1827_1908_1of3sides_headstone.jpg sivesind_ericksen_mrs_1859_1882_headstone_2of3sides_headstone.jpg sivesind_john_j_1828_1907_3of3sides_headstone.jpg
  • Sivesind
    Antonett 1827-1908 (side 1), Mrs. Ericksen 1859-1882 (side 2), John J. 1828-1907 (side 3)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • smith_headstone_area smith_EDS smith_MWS
  • Smith
    Smith headstone area, E.D.S., M.W.S.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • sontag_alvan_donald_headstone.jpg sontag_edna_caroline_headstone.jpg sontag_marker_headstone.jpg sontag_warren_l_headstone.jpg
  • Sontag
    Alvan Donald, Edna Caroline, family marker, Warren L.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • spaulding_elmer_headstone.jpg spaulding_willis_everett_headstone.jpg
  • Spaulding
    Elmer, Willis Everett
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • stahlke_jason_1887_1968_headstone.jpg stahlke_dwayne_roy_1953_1955_headstone.jpg
  • Stahlke
    Jason 1887-1968, Dwayne Roy 1953-1955
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • sunderman_catharine_headstone.jpg sunderman_louis_headstone.jpg
  • Sunderman
    Catharine, Louis W.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • tollefson_headstone.jpg tollefson_headstone_2.jpg
  • Tollefson
    headstone 1, headstone 2
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • tollefson_evelyne_ida.jpg tollefson_john_elizabeth.jpg tollefson_ole_headstone.jpg
  • Tollefson
    Evelyn and Ida, John and Elizabeth, Ole
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • unknown_emma_headstone.jpg unknown_sister_headstone.jpg
  • Unknown
    Emma, sister
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • weir_john_headstone.jpg weir_mary_headstone.jpg
  • Weir
    John, Mary (wife of John)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • welling_headstone_area welling_dorothy_headstone welling_hazel_headstone welling_nick_headstone welling_rose_headstone
  • Welling
    Headstone area, Dorothy, Hazel, Helen, Nick J.,Rose E.
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • wilson_headstone.jpg wilson_babyboy_headstone.jpg wilson_jd_headstone.jpg wilson_melvina_headstone.jpg wilson_unreadible_headstone.jpg
  • Wilson
    Wilson headstone, Baby boy, J.D. Wilson, Melvina (wife of JD Wilson), Melia (?unreadible) (wife of JD Wilson)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • wing_emma_nee_reeves_headstone.jpg
  • Wing
    Emma (nee Reeves)
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • winzer_baby_headstone.jpg winzer_charles_anna_dalyce_headstone.jpg winzer_charles_father_headstone.jpg winzer_clayton_sonof_e_winzer_headstone.jpg winzer_ernest_alice_headstone.jpg winzer_g_a_1856_1892_headstone.jpg winzer_headstones.jpg winzer_ida_m_mother_headstone.jpg winzer_marker_headstone.jpg
  • Winzer
    baby, Charles and Anna and Dalyce, Charles (father), Clayton (son of E. Winzer), Ernest and Alice, G.A. 1856-1892, headstones, Ida M. (mother), family headstone
    See PHOTOS page for Charles Winzer photo
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

  • wood_elizebeth_headstone.jpg wood_lewis_hannah_headstone.jpg wood_annashaw_headstone.jpg wood_roy_headstone.jpg
  • Wood
    Elizebeth, Lewis and Hannah
    Anna (Shaw) Wood (wife of Roy), Roy
    -Janell (Rients) Leopold photo

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