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Jackson Co, MN
Loon Lake Cemetery, Middletown Township, Jackson Co, MN

Randy Wendel photos, July 2010 (click on images to expand)

Loon Lake Cemetery...
Coordinates: N-43.666382 W-95.0990

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loon_lake_cem loon_lake
  • Loon Lake Cemetery
    -memorial to those interred at the cemetery (many headstones missing)
    -Read an article about the cemetery's "haunting" history by clicking here.
    It is a very good assessment of the Loon Lake Cemetery and why the damage and vandalism was done to this historic cemetery. It talks about the thoughtlessness and disrespect for the Loon Lake Cemetery. Prof. Waskul teaches Sociology at Minnesota State University and has done extensive research for this article.

  • parking_location sign trail trail_back
  • Loon Lake Cemetery
    -Access to the cemetery is off Co Rd 4 at the Robertson County Park entrance. Continue past the county building after turning off Co. 4, then shortly after take the turn to the right and park by the dumpster. You will see this sign...you must walk to the cemetery starting just beyond this sign, about a 5 minute walk if moving briskly.

    The cemetery is located in the background near the center of the photo by the evergreen trees in the grove to the right of the picture center. The cemetery itself is occasionally mowed down, but chances are the overgrowth will be quite thick if you visit.

    Another photo shows a view near the cemetery as you look back toward the SW where you parked. Note the trail which is nothing more than a path through the open field. It appears like a long walk. At a brisk pace, you can make the completed walk in 5 minutes. The trail is visible in the satellite photo above.

  • loon_lake_cem loon_lake_cem loon_lake_cem
  • Loon Lake Cemetery
    -nearing the entrance to the cemetery on the trail, and entering the cemetery. View from cemetery looking south toward the bay off the southern tip (and to the east of) of Loon Lake.

  • bessie_allen brooks_stone broken_stone catherine_larson catherine_larson jacob_larson_and_wife_bertha_grestene stone stone view_toward_lake stone willie_brown
  • Loon Lake Cemetery
    -headstones found at cemetery

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