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Jackson Co, MN
Betlach family, Jackson Co MN Genealogy

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This page dedicated to members of the Betlach family...
-photos and narrations submitted by Patty Betlach Russell
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  • Emil and Theresa Cerhan Betlach

  • emil_theresa_children
  • Emil and Theresa Cerhan Betlach and their children: Olive, Rudolph Joseph, Emmanuel, Laura Betlach

  • theresa_with_grandsons
  • Theresa Cerhan Betlach with grandsons,
    L to R: Joseph, George and Louis Betlach and great grandson, James Betlach. Circa1936/37

  • rudolph
  • Rudolph Edward Betlach, son of Emil and Theresa Cerhan Betlach, taken about 1903

  • rudolph_mary_wedding
  • Wedding photo of Rudolph and Mary Matuska Betlach. They were married November 29, 1906

  • rudolph_mary_family
  • Family photo: Rudolph and Mary Matuska Betlach and 3 of their 4 children: (center): Louis, Helen and Joseph. Taken about 1914

  • james james
  • James Frances Betlach, son of Joseph and Alta Christianson Betlach. He and his parents lived in Alpha and he was killed in 1952 in Alpha while on leave from the service at the age of 20. He was my cousin. Joseph and Alta adopted him as a baby in 1932, after the death of their only biological child, Ruby.

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