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Jackson County, MN
Biographies and Obituaries

Illness is Fatal to Anna Pelzel

Popular Nurse At Heron Lake Hospital Succumbs to Pneumonia Following Influenza Funeral is Held Wednesday Deceased Made Many Friends During Her Years of Caring for Those Who Were Ill.

As the old year slowly drew to a close, and just two days before the dawn of the new year, death crept into the merriment of the holiday season and threw a shroud of sadness over the entire community when it claimed Anna Pelzel, beloved nurse at the local hospital.

Just at the close of 10 years of service to sick and unfortunate humanity, Anna Pelzel succumbed to the ravages of influenza and pneumonia, and for two weeks she fought, as she had inspired her patients to fight, that she might live and give more of her goodness, her service to the world. But God in His wisdom called her, and tho we may question why a life of such service should be taken so early in its prime, when she found so much of happiness and peace in her duty, still we are consoled in the faith that Our Maker has blessed the departed soul of Anna Pelzel with those merciful words of the Bible, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the home that I have prepared for hee."

Funeral services were held at the Sacred Heart church Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Father Jostock, who paid a beautiful tribute to the life of a beloved parishioner with whom he had come in such close contact in administering to the sick and dying in their righteous walk of life. The Sacred Heart church was filled to capacity with sorrowing relatives and friends, who followed the funeral cortege to the church cemetery where interment was made.

Anna Dorothy Pelzel was born May 30, 1891, to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pelzel at the farm home near Miloma. When a tiny infant, Anna, as a happy loving baby, was left to be the sole comfort to her bereaved mother when Mr. Pelzel passed away. A few years later Mrs. Pelzel became the wife of Frank Schriber and another daughter came to bless the home. This daughter, Mrs. Celia Guiney of Marshalltown, Iowa, arrived Sunday to mourn with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schriber, at the loss of a loved one.

As a little girl, Anna Pelzel attended the rural school near Miloma. Later she was enrolled at the parochial school here, and she spent one year in the public school. Finishing her eighth grade course, she attended business college at Mankato, for as a very young girl, Anna was filled with ambition and a desire to make a place for herself in the world. But, not until the year 1918, when she entered into the employ of Dr. A.G. Chadbourn as a nurse in his hospital, did she truly find her desired life's work. Here, her patience, her faithfulness to duty, her unlimited sympathy and understanding, and her natural ability won her a station in life, a place to serve, and God has given no greater blessing to any one.

Today there is a vacant place in the home where hearts are bowed in grief at the loss of a beloved daughter and sister. Today in the hospital where she served the loss cannot be estimated for no one can count the hearts that love her--love her because she gave to them of her best in their illness, their unhappiness, their grief at the death of a loved one, because she gave of her best in their happiness, their return to health, and she made many hearts and bodies well and strong and full of faith again. Today those with whom she served mourn. They can best understand and know how happily, how willingly, how faithfully she served, serving humanity because she loved to. Serving when her tired heart and body could not stand the strain, December 15 she herself became a victim of the dreaded and treacherous influenza. At the very beginning of her illness, she expressed a desire to get well soon and again be on duty, and still some premonition told her that her days on earth were almost over. Altho each day was filled with great suffering, she was every thoughtful and considerate for those she was to leave behind, and she was at peace with her God, who takes tired souls home to rest. She was especially worried and concerned over the illness of the doctor with whom she has served for he, also, was a patient with influenza at his home. But before death came and in the last hours of her illness, she was happy because the doctor was able to be up and at her bedside, administering to her as he mourned at her departure from this earth. Only God knows and understands how nearly hearts break and faith wavers as we bow to his will.

May those who have loved her most, carry on with the spirit she ever displayed, with the faith she had in God and all people, with the love she gave in her service to all humanity. Hers was the service of God.

Source: "Heron Lake News" Heron Lake, Minnesota. Dated: Thursday, January 3, 1928. Pgs. 1 & 3.

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