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Jackson County, MN
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LAKEFIELD STANDARD Lakefield, Minnesota

Thursday, June 18, 1908
Volume XXV, Number 25


  • Milt Morse spent Sunday in Lakefield.
  • E. T. Gage went Tuesday to Sioux Falls.
  • Ladies trimmed hats ½ price at Eder's store.
  • Dave Crawford returned from St. Paul Tuesday.
  • Miss Janet Rhodes is on the sick list but is improving.
  • Girl wanted to work in restaurant JA Anderson
  • Fred Payne came from Minneapolis Friday evening.
  • 150 roasted coffee this week 10 cents a pound at Eder's store.
  • 30 cent Mocha and Java coffee at 20 cents a pound at Eder's store.
  • Patronize F.W. Schultz's soda fountain for cool delicious drinks.
  • Car load of cedar fence posts just received at the Farmers Elevator.
  • Dolph and Homer Alcott returned from Minneapolis Saturday evening.
  • Mrs. W.T. Taylor and son Weiser went to Triumph Saturday to visit friends.
  • Fred Ebert came from Truman Saturday to spend a few days in Lakefield.
  • Mrs. W. I. Alcott has moved into the Hollister residence opposite H.T. Thompson's.
  • A young daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ukasic on Sunday June 7.
  • For Mason City Clay and Sherburn Cement Tile at wholesale and retail prices. See Gage Bros.
  • Martin and Oscar Brush, of Fulda, were visiting their grandmother Mrs. Molkenthine over Sunday.
  • Lauren Scott came down from Minneapolis Friday evening to visit Lakefield friends for a few days.
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. Schumacher and children went Tuesday morning to Wells for a weeks' visit with friends.
  • Those taking part in the Children's Day exercises at the Baptist Church were all treated to a picnic Friday.
  • The Lakefield Cornet Band will go to Welcome on the Fourth of July. Our base ball team will also go there.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mansfield have rented the Rouse residence in the north part of town and are occupying the same.
  • Mrs. John Marshall and children, of Battle Creek, Mich., arrived Friday evening and are visiting at the W. C. Dunlop home.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Arnold, Ward Miller and Miss Esterre Powell drove to Spirit Lake for a fishing trip Saturday evening.
  • W. C. Dunlop last week sold his fine 173 acres in Hunter township to T. K. Veale, of Sheldon, Iowa, consideration $9000.00.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Taylor returned Saturday from Madison, S. D., and went to their home in Minneapolis Monday morning.
  • J. M. Putman returned on Monday from an extended trip to Dundurn, Canada, where he visited his daughter Mrs. Hugo Meilicke.
  • The Ev. Lutheran congregation of Rost will celebrate their annual school picnic Sunday afternoon June 28. Everybody is invited.
  • There will be a picnic at John Lunenburg's on July 4th, to which all are invited. Amusements of various kinds are being provided.
  • Special closing out sale of Ladies and Misses trimmed hats still continued. Come in and get these goods at your own price. Mrs. Snure
  • H. P. Stone and daughter Nina visited relatives in Wabasha for several days. They returned home yesterday accompanied by Wallace Stone of Wabasha who will spend several months here.
  • The Cemetery Society held a very pleasant and profitable meeting at Mrs. S.R. Dubetz' last week. The next meeting will be held at Mrs. F.B. White's June 24. We trust many more will remember to come. A ten cent tea will be served, the proceeds will be used to swell the society funds.
  • Camping parties are moving out to the lake.
  • Granulated sugar for cash $5.50 at Eder's Store.
  • Dr. W.C. Portman was up from Jackson Monday.
  • A. M. St. John made a trip to Heron Lake Saturday.
  • Corn starch this week 5 cents a package at Eder's store
  • Soda crackers by the box 6 cents a pound at Eder's store.
  • Miss Hazel Johnson is visiting with Miss Grace Payne.
  • Fancy striped overalls always 75 cents a pair at Eder's store.
  • H. M. Clark came from Windom the Tuesday to visit his son Harry.
  • Miss Helen and Janet Crawford came home from Fulda yeserday.
  • Mrs. Gove, of Windom, is now visiting her daughter Mrs. Rhodes.
  • Miss Minnie Knoepp returned home from Jackson Friday evening.
  • Mrs. Kolander is enjoying a visit from her sister and brother of Truman.
  • 18c, 20c and 25c wash goods all in one lot at 15 cents a yard at Eder's store.
  • Henry Milbrath and Miss Emma Frenze, of Brewster, were married Tuesday.
  • Attorney O. Thoreson transacted business at Jackson Monday and Tuesday.
  • Bring your veal calves to the stock yards Saturday June 20. H.A. Rhodes.
  • J. E Foss manager of the farmers store went to the cities Sunday to buy goods.
  • R.E. Cobb pays 21 cents a pound for butterfat. Opposite corner bank. E. Jackson.
  • Rodger Wright, of New York, was visiting the family of G.B. McMurtry this week.
  • People who let their chickens run at large to annoy their neighbors should read the ordinance prohibiting such negligence.
  • Miss Anna Bakalar, who had been visiting her sister Mrs. Mike Bakalyar returned to her home in Streator, Ill., Monday.
  • The Woodmen had "doin's" at their hall Monday evening. All had an enjoyable evening. J, A. Anderson served supper for the occasion.
  • Mrs. A. Feldt and Mr. and Mrs. Gloeby, of Mitchell, Iowa, Mr. Brown, of Grafton, Iowa, are visiting the families of August and Ferdinand Milbrath.
  • Mrs. Mary Frazier enjoyed a visit Monday from Mr. Emerson and family and Mr. Winzenburg and family from Lakefield, Minn. -Fairmont Independent.
  • Do not fail to attend the caucuses on Saturday evening and elect your delegates to the county convention to be held in Lakefield Thursday June 25 at 11 o'clock a.m.
  • Joeren Johnson an old resident of Heron Lake township died at his home on Monday. The funeral was held yesterday. Unable to get particulars we will publish obituary next week.
  • Mr. J.G. Goff and Mrs. Christie left Saturday for Anthon, Iowa, where Mrs. Christie will visit a week with her brothers and Mr. Goff will leave for Oklahoma to make his future home.
  • Mr. Franz Daberkow and Miss Anna Wrase were married on Friday June 12 at the German Lutheran church in Delafield township. Rev. Wohlfeil officiating. After the ceremony a reception was given at the home of the brides parents and about 40 families were present. Congratulations followed with merry jest and cheerful conversation and after expressing sincere wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the newly wedded couple the guests departed leaving many valuable tokens of their good will.


From our own Correspondent.
(To late for last week)

  • A great deal of damage was done through this section by the cyclone of May 26th and 27th. A number of barns were moved from their foundations, small buildings blown down and a majority of the windmills were totally wrecked, large trees were uprooted and blown down. We have lived in Jackson county a long while and that was the worst storm ever known even by old settlers.
  • Jurgen Schwager, assessor, is slowly making his yearly trip. Mr. Schwager says in the history of Sioux Valley he never traveled such roads as he does this spring.
  • Mrs. G. A. Wiese entertained the club Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Will Tordson entertained a party of friends Saturday afternoon.
  • Alfred Rohr, of Okoboji, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Klindt.
  • John Lueneburg is going to replace the geared mill for Henry Wendle. Jurgen Schwager's, John O'conner's and Martin Miller's mills were a total loss.
  • Fred Klindt nearly lost a valuable team of colts by breaking through the bridge last week.
  • Gust Horn visited at Hans Husen's last week.
  • The heavy rain Sunday evening took out 12 ft. of the new grade near J. A. Wiese's.
  • If the county commissioners had been here and seen the vast amount of good the horse ditch that Tordson, Klindt, Sandcamp and Wiese put through the bed of the Sioux they would take measures to have a dredge boat ditch put through. Instead of weeks as it used to the water runs off in that many days and if the ditch were deeper and wider it would save hundreds of acres from the overflow. This would pay the farmers of Rost town to look into. For miles farmers are using the Sioux to tile into and the quicker the water can be carried off the better.
  • Our mail carriers are not to blame we know and we would have our mail more regular if people along the route would each do a little road work. It is hard on both man and beast even when we all help.
  • Water was so high after the storm that fish were caught by taking your hands and picking them out of the water on the roadside.
  • Charles Wendle is building a new granary.
  • Henry Husen (?) is working for John O'Conners this season.
  • Our cellars are full of water so if it comes a hard storm we will have to drive nails and hang ourselves up to keep out of the water.
  • Mr. Stockfelt is going to erect a new house in the near future.
  • If John can get these items through the road by the Minnesota creamery corner and does not get shaken out of the buggy on the grade going to town we will try to have drier news next week.


  • Frank R. Hansen, MD Physician and Surgeon
  • Dr. C.A. Bell Resident Dentist
  • J.A. Mansfield Lawyer
  • C.L. Colman Lumber Co., M.O. Johnsrud, Agent
  • Dr. August Blankenburg, Qualified Veterinary Surgeon & Dentist
  • The Star Livery, C. Blankenburg, Propr.
  • James Rost, Blacksmith, Machine Shop. Farm Implements.
  • Star Restaurant and Bakery, E. Johnson, Proprietor
  • Drs. Hellen & Guillaume, Veterinary Surgeons
  • First National Bank: J.C. Caldwell, President; H.W. Voehl, Vice President; A.J. Nestrud, Cashier
  • The Old Reliable, Fine Wines and Liquors, William Frees
  • Lakefield Harness Shop, J.B. Henle, Proprietor (successor to Richard Artman)

Submitted by Holly L Healey

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