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LAKEFIELD STANDARD Lakefield, Minnesota
Thursday, June 11, 1908
Volume XXV, Number 24


Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.

No. 1 Sioux Fal1s and way 11:16 a.m.
No. 23 Egan and way 7:55 p.m.

No. 22 Twin cities and way and LaCrosse and way 5:42 am.
No. 8 Twin cities and way and LaCrosse and way. 2:24 p.m


  • Rev. Nelson, of Sherburn, was here one day last week.
  • Miss Elizabeth Rouse returned to Minot. N. D. Wednesday.
  • George Bakalyar returned from school, in Minneapolis, Friday.
  • Patronize F. W. Schultz’s soda fountain for cool delicious drinks.
  • Car load of cedar fence posts just received at the Farmers Elevator.
  • Miss Clara Frederickson returned from St. Paul Wednesday evening.
  • Mr. C. J. Witmer has been seriously ill but is now on the road to recovery.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alex Johnsrud returned to their home in Albert Lea Wednesday.
  • Mr. Lute Austin came over Friday from Adrian to attend the funeral of Mr. Rouse.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Milbrath, of Okabena, spent Sunday with relatives here.
  • Otto Ebert came home from Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, Wednesday evening.
  • Paul Nauschutz, Otto and William Kolander made a trip to Jackson Tuesday.
  • Miss Goldie Wickle of Jackson visited at the home of R.B. Lueneburg Tuesday.
  • Kitt Ackert has removed from South Bend, Wash., to Myrtle Creek, Oregon.
  • Mrs. Robt. Patterson and Miss Brown, of Jackson, were in Lakefield Thursday.
  • Mrs. C B. Edwards and son Orlo left for the cities Tuesday to attend the Grand Lodge.
  • Mr. and Mrs. August Schroeder came up from Jackson Saturday to visit friends here.
  • Miss Martha Kruger came from Sibley, Iowa, Saturday for a few days visit at home.
  • Miss Mabel Weber came Wednesday from Crookston to visit her parents for a short time.
  • For Mason City Clay and Sherburn Cement Tile at wholesale and retail prices. See Gage Bros.
  • Mr. Frost and son Walter came down from Windom Friday to attend the funeral of Mr. Rouse.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Dobriner, of Folda, came Monday and are visiting friends here for a few days.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knudson, of Heron Lake, came Saturday and are guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Moe.
  • The Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian church will meet with Mrs. S. Searles on Tuesday June 11th.
  • N. O. Hefte, of St. Paul, representing R. E. Cobb was transacting business in town Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Mrs. John Crawford is attending the convention of Minnesota postmasters which meets at St. Paul this week.
  • A.A. Fosness, G.R. VanDike, E.A., and C.M. Gage attended chapter lodge at Jackson Friday evening.
  • Rev. Ole Nestrud and wife returned Monday last from the Dane Norwegian Association held at Westbrook.
  • Mrs. C.B. Edwards and Miss Ethel Palmer attended the Baptist Association at Luverne Tuesday returning Friday.
  • Arthur Fosness and Stephen Bakalyar returned Saturday from Minneapolis where they have been attending school.
  • Mrs. H. M. Clark returned home on Tuesday of last week from an extended visit with her parents in Mason City, Iowa.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Taylor arrived Thursday from Minneapolis for a few days visit here. They left Tuesday for Madison, S.D.
  • C. O. Eder, John Bisping and Fred Lemm went Monday afternoon to Mankato to attend the State Firemen 's convention held there.
  • Dr. W. R. Harvey, of Dana, Ill. arrived Tuesday to look after his farm in section 24 Ewington township. The Standard acknowledge a pleasant call.
  • All patrons of the public school having children of kindergarten age (5 to 6 years) are requested to leave, names with Secretary of the Board of Education at once.
  • A special train carrying the directors of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway passed through Lakefield Tuesday morning and made a short stop here.
  • Will White went to Iona Tuesday.
  • G. B. Wood went to Rochester Monday.
  • AI. Ward made a trip to Jackson Wednesday.
  • G. B. McMurtry left Tuesday for the twin cities.
  • F. C. Otto went to Grundy Center, Iowa, Tuesday.
  • Girl wanted to work in restaurant. J...A. Anderson.
  • Miss Anderson is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mansfield.
  • J. C. Caldwell made a business trip to Jackson Wednesday.
  • Go to F. W. Schultz’s drug store for ice cream and 0001 soda drinks.
  • Misses Mabel and Jennie M06 returned from Springfield yesterday.
  • Mrs. A. J. Nestrud and daughter Inez want to Dell Rapids, S. D., Thursday.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bill, of Watertown, were visiting the St. John family over Sunday.
  • Bring your veal calves to the stock yards Saturday June 13th. H. A. Rhodes.
  • Cashier A. J. Nestrud went to Fairmont today to attend the banker's convention.
  • Geo. Winzenburg and James Emerson went to Jackson Friday to see the ball game.
  • Cashier Sam Frederickson, of Okabena, is attending the banker's convention at Mankato.
  • Mrs. N. O. Mahre and son Alfred and daughter Lena returned to Dell Rapids, S. D., Thursday.
  • Cashier H. L. Bond and C. M. Gage will attend the banker's convention at Mankato today.
  • Dave Crawford is attending United States district court in St. Paul as a petit juror, this week.
  • Sam and Lou Dubetz spent several days fishing at Spirit Lake from which place they returned Tuesday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Martin and daughter and children, of Carroll county, Iowa, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Z. M. Turner.
  • Julia Shelsted who was visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Nestrud went to Dell Rapids, S. D., Thursday to visit friends.
  • I have for sale at a bargain one two-8eated carriage, one one-seated top buggy, one driving horse, one organ. Geo. J. Britsch.
  • Miss Fances Laurence who had charge of the millinery department at Eder's returned to her home in Redwood Falls, Monday.
  • Mr. Lilly, adjuster of the Continental Insurance Company was in town Tuesday to adjust the loss sustained by Lakefield Creamery Company.
  • The Lakefield ball team went to Jackson Friday to cross bats with the Jackson nine. Our boys came home with defeat written plainly on their faces. The score was 1 to 12 in favor of Jackson.
  • If Windom does not celebrate the Fourth-and the probability is that it will not because too late to begin operations-J. T. Johnson will have some music, a speaker, and other doings out at Swastika at Fish Lake.-Cottonwood County Citizen.
  • Mapleton Enterprise: Miss Carrie Bachtle passed through Mapleton on the Tuesday morning train en-route to New York, from which port she will sail on Saturday for a summer trip through Europe. Miss Bachtle is a sister of Mrs. James Emerson, of Lakefield.
  • Richard Artman has sold his harness business at this place to J. B. Henle, of Minneapolis, who took possession this week. MI. Henle is a practical harness maker and starts in with good prospects Mr. Artman who has lived here for about 6 years has enjoyed a good business. He intends to return to Milwaukee where he formerly resided. Mr. Henle has moved his family here and is occupying rooms over the harness store.

    Submitted by Holly L Healey

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